The Lord Of The Rings Universe Is Coming To CryEngine 3 With This 'Balrog Cinematic' Project

DSOGaming writes: "Have you ever wondered what a LOTR game would look like in CryEngine 3? Well, it seems that we’ll find out pretty soon."

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000012223d ago

oh shit, middle earth just got real lol.

MagicAccent2223d ago

Meh. I'll be impressed when it's done.

SilentNegotiator2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

We just spent a million dollars on a game engine that's really only half-a-step above the rest....


WeskerChildReborned2223d ago

Yea i wanna see some gameplay first.

Kennytaur2223d ago

Here's my problem with CryEngine and its devs, every week there's some new screenshot or teaser from a project. But where are the games?

_-EDMIX-_2223d ago

I think a lot of developers are waiting unit next gen.

I think their waiting because there are no systems in terms of consoles that can take full advantage of such games. PC of course could, but this is not a technical decision, is a business one. Thus we won't see those type of titles out based on that they won't have any sort of backing from 3rd party publishers, based on 3rd party publishers clearly wanting to gain MAX profit ie release it on every system that can play it.

If that number is 1, its too little to back, if its 3...NOW where talking. This is why you don't see those games, believe me next gen a bunch of publishers and developers will be looking to get there hands on this engine. When it can actually be profitable.