Resistance is Futile: Coming back to World of Warcraft

Like everyone else, Rant Gaming's Kaylith saw the new trailer for Mists of Pandaria. Having abandoned her post as healer of those Standing in Bad four months ago, is the siren song of a new expansion enough to get even the ex-paladin braving the jungles of Pandaria? Read on to find out.

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Raf1k12312d ago

I think I'll be playing WoW again once the new epansion is out but this time it's not for the end-game raiding.

I want to experience WoW again the way I did the first time I leveled a character in vanilla WoW. I want to simply take my time questing through the area and playing the game like I do with any other good RPG. Then when I'm done with all the quests I might stick around if end game is any good.

Farsendor12312d ago

i played wow for so long it just got boring and i haven't been able to find a good mmorpg since. im hoping guild wars 2 is that mmorpg i have been waiting on.

rdgneoz32312d ago

Watch the last GW2 video from TotalBiscuit. He basically goes on about (and shows in the video) how he gets lost in the game.

He finds one dynamic event, which leads to another, which leads to another, ends up fighting an elite monster with random people (yay for everyone getting kill credit for mobs as long as they help kill it, not first to hit it). Then loses track of the escort dynamic quest as he's fighting it, finds it again, and when he thinks it's done, it leads to a boss fight.

In the beta, random people working together in the dynamic events, helping each other instead of trying to kill steal, was a ton of fun. And the difficulty some of them would scale up to was insane. Seeing people rez their fallen (minus the hunter pets...) allies in combat to get them back into the fight was always nice. And the WvW reminded me of classic AV, battles that felt like battles and could go all day (they are 2 week events).

Raf1k12312d ago

Yeah really looking forward to GW2. I pre-ordered it so I was able to play during beta weekends though I didn't have much time to play.

I can say that it's definitely worth playing as the combat is awesome and even though there are still fetch x number of items and kill x number of bad guy quests the tediousness is quite well hidden away for the most part.

I can't say much about the story and the lore as I've played very little but it's been a pretty good experience for me so far and I'll probably end up playing that more than WoW.

Also, I feel that the reason so many people have trouble finding an alternative to WoW is because it does so many things right. When you play another MMOMRPG you kind of expect it to have similar features to WoW and when you don't get them you end up turned off by it.

thezeldadoth2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

man i think that the GW2 fanboy is turning out to be one of the worst breeds. You can't go to a single MMO article without seeing them ranting on about this damn game they haven't even played. Not just on WoW articles, every mmo article.

You guys are just every where trollin the internet about your new fav game. So far, most non-GW2 fanboys that are simply looking into the game, are getting turned off by your attitude. The GW2 community already sounds like a worse community than n4g. I'm excited to play it and i hope its good but damn.

Treian2312d ago

I agree- once you start you can never truly leave. However, that doesn't mean you can play more than one mmo. I will play WoW MoP and GW2 since GW2 I already pre-purchased and has no montly fee.

Farsendor12312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

that is the one thing that has me hyped for guild wars 2 its is free to play but not pay to win