Borderlands 2 Rating Description Will Make You Smile

If you played Borderlands, you know that it is an profane, gory experience that will most likely be continued into the sequel. Well, according to the official rating description handed down from the ESRB, developer Gearbox will be taking Borderlands 2 very deep into "Rated M" territory.

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AngelicIceDiamond2305d ago

So parents, this isn't for your kids, because it has rated M stamped on it. But lets ignore the stamp as well as the employee saying its not for your kids. Your waay better off letting that little brat yell at you until you give in like a bad parent and let him get what he wants.

rdgneoz32305d ago

They should have a test for people to become parents. "Would you let your child do / play this? Do remember that your answer affects which syringe I inject you with. One is a liquid version of the morning after pill / make you infertile and the other is vitamins..."

egidem2305d ago

Clearly someone injected you with a syringe??

HammadTheBeast2305d ago

Sorry. but that's a horrible analogy. Or whatever it's supposed to be.

palaeomerus2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

" They " should ignore everything two bit, smug, self important, would be tyrants say because their advice is worthless, extreme, and something a naive child with no sense for real world consequences would come up with.

Here's how that would go:

"I'm going to be really charitable and ignore your stupid question, and if you move either syringe off that tray I will make you eat it, along with several large pieces of that office chair over there.

Nobody gave you any right to control the reproduction of people you don't like and agree with and if you don't believe that, and give me cause to, then I will happily and brutally end you right here on your own cold office floor.

Are we clear about all that, you squirmy little bitch ? Good. Eugenics for the lose. "


Personally I would allow my kids to watch/play/listen/read mostly anything they want, not because they'll annoy me if I don't, but because I want 'em to be capable of constructive thinking for themselves.

With the right approach and a proper introduction I don't think there such a thing as a toboo subject.

Better than having my kids playing stuff I wouldn't allow 'em at friends and getting the wrong ideas out of it.

Sucitta2305d ago

that's a great idea. too many stupid people breeding stupid children that do stupid things which makes this world less and less ideal.

everything from world hunger to corrupt governments would be solved in a world without stupid people.

we wouldn't have to deal with innovation raping games like Call of Duty or Forza every year without stupid people = )

Qrphe2304d ago

Who are you to tell parents how to raise their children?

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CaptainMarvelQ82305d ago

i imagine you were a saint as a child.
pfft please,we all used to play mature games when we weren't supposed to.

MysticStrummer2305d ago

Reading comprehension is a useful skill to develop. The comment you're replying to is about the parents, not the kid.

CaptainMarvelQ82305d ago

and would you mind telling me how we used to get our games?
what im saying is that it's the same situation

AngelicIceDiamond2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

To be honest, I can't really remember what games I was playing back then, I remember it being vast amount of games in genres mainly in the action adventure category.

I remember playing Sega, Super Nintendo PlayStation and N64 at the time. Violent games didn't seem have a real effect on kids of the 90s. Sure we were impressionable like all kids, but it seemed like it never got outta hand.

Fast forward today we have stories about some kid gets stabbed over Xbox. That Norway Mass shooting. Kids cussing like sailors on the norm like crazy through games. I dunno if that has to do with the games themselves but that fuels the rage and tendencies.

I can't recall anything like that happening back in the 90s.

It seems like kids have issues these days. They can't behave themselves, there always talking about shooting somebody yelling racial slurs through online its ridiculous.

Beate2305d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond Please do not try to connect violent video games and mass shootings/crimes. There have been many scientific studies that have concluded that there are no such connections. Also if you want to go that route, the Columbine Shooters played Doom. Does that mean that the shooting was due to them playing that game? I think not. Please don't make such ridiculous claims. Kids are kids. Nothing has changed but the technology.

MysticStrummer2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

How is it the same situation? Parents buy the kid a game that's clearly rated M, then they complain about the "mature" nature of the title once they see it in action and try to ruin the fun for the rest of us. What does that have to do with M rated games the kid sneaks in the house on his own? What I'm saying is your reply had nothing to do with the comment you were replying to. When I was a kid there were no ratings.

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toxic-inferno2305d ago

It's horrifying how often I see parents buying their kids Call of Duty games and other games like Borderlands. In fact, I think I've seen more mother's buying their under-10-year-old kids COD games than any other type of customers put together.

Just because something is a game, doesn't mean it's for children. Even if it has a cartoon-y art-style like this masterpiece of a game.

omi25p2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )


I was 5 and playing the original Mortal Kombat on the Sega Megadrive.

Ive grown up playing games like Grand Theft Auto and Medal Of Honour.

I mean ive literally played EVERY SINGLE Rockstar game the week they have been released since GTA 3.

So Going by what your implying and "Scientists" Have proved i should be a mass murderer, Rapist, Pedophile ECT.

Yet in reality Ive never so much as punched someone.

Im not alone either. My generation has grown up playing violent videogames. All the talk of the playground at school was about games like Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto.

So if Millions of children are playing a game there "too young for" Why arent there Millions of children murdering each other in the streets.

If the scientists were to be believed you could walk out side and literally see a Child killing another child while reinacting. Yet you dont..

HammadTheBeast2305d ago

Really? You've never punched anyone?

JamieLeeC932305d ago


Neither have I.. Why is that so hard to believe?

omi25p2305d ago

The only way id ever hit someone would be in defense or in the defense of someone else.

I wouldn't hit someone because i felt like it or because they said something i dont like.

Kin23g2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Okay, okay we get it. You're not a killer ... yet!!

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goldwyncq2305d ago

It still depends on the actual maturity of the child. Some children are granted access to these kind of games because they have proven themselves capable of properly behaving, despite the actual content of what they're playing.

I played a lot of violent games as a kid, games with lots of gore and swearing, yet those never affected me in a dangerous way.

rpd1232304d ago

Same. And my parents read the ratings and knew where to draw the line on games that were clearly not intended for children.

cee7732305d ago

i let my nephews borrow borderlands Lol
they beat it before i could:)

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rdgneoz32305d ago

Can't wait for the release. From the videos they've shown and the rating description, the humor we loved fro the first back.

“If there’s anything they love more than getting to second base with their sisters, it’s cars,” “Bacon is for sycophants and products of incest.”

Kran2305d ago

Sometimes I think M = Mother Approved to some parents.


PockyKing2305d ago

he forgot the A lol, MA = Mother Approved

Megaton2305d ago

Dear Gearbox,

Would you kindly release Borderlands 2 today?

Someone who can't wait 1 month, 2 days and 21 hours for his Steam pre-order to unlock

scotchmouth2305d ago

I stand behind megatons request 100%

crashtestnl2305d ago

I just started Borderlands 1 and I must say it is great to play.

toxic-inferno2305d ago

It was probably one of the single most surprising discoveries of the last 12 months for me. My housemate and I became really quite enthusiastic about Borderlands after a couple of hours of play. It isn't as much fun alone though, unfortunately.

But it's the sheer lunacy of the game more than anything. For me, it's certainly this generations TimeSplitters. It might not be the same kind of arcade-y deathmatch gameplay, but it's certainly in the same vein.

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