Eurogamer: NSMB 2 Has Made 2D Mario Stale

Eurogamer writer Chris Schilling published an article today asking how to solve a problem like Mario, a franchise that may be creatively dry at the moment but is providing Nintendo with a steady stream of revenue. With a Metacritic average score of 78, New Super Mario Bros. 2 has the lowest score in the mainline Mario series and has been criticized for it’s focus on the “gimmicky” coin collecting gameplay.

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--Onilink--2309d ago

if i had waited several years for this game, i would be more dissapointed, but coming out of the amazing Super Mario 3D Land, i have complete faith in Nintendo's ability to provide a great Mario game. I think they just played it too safe (as it has been the case with the "New" series.

So more than anything, i think this is just the focus that Nintendo has decided for the branch of the series, and anyone looking for a more complete experience should stick with the 3D mario games