Injustice: Gods Among Us plot has Batman leading a rebellion against Superman

XMNR: NetherRealm Studios has not revealed the reason that superheroes are fighting against each other in Injustice: Gods Among Us. However, a major plot leak on Friday clues us in on what's behind the big clash in the DC Universe for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U game.

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yewles11983d ago

Called it: Miller-ized

ATi_Elite1982d ago

Batman is gonna beat the shite outta Superman!

Batman is gonna show up in a Batsuit made outta Krypton and just pummel Superman into Oblivion.

and then Batman is gonna punish all those who stood with Superman cause No space alien, mechanical armor, or Radiactive Mutant is better than a guy in a Cool as Batsuit.

.........and when the F did Wonder Women gain the ability to fly? That chick always had an invisible jet!

1982d ago
Queasy1982d ago

Wonder Woman has been able to fly since the 60s. She couldn't when she was first created though adn there's been some instances (like Super Friends) where she couldn't either.

Moby-Royale1982d ago

Yes.... he will wear a suit made out of the planet Krypton.


LostDjinn1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Dark Knight Graphic Novel style huh? It was awesome when Batman beat up Superman (and let him know he'd always remember it) in those.

Edit: DAMN YEWLES! *shakes fist*
You beat me to it.

000011982d ago

this will be a future topic of a youtube video?

neoMAXMLC1982d ago

Agreed. This could be the best fighter since Mortal Kombat. :P

neoMAXMLC1982d ago

Sorry but uh... Which fighting game took home the most awards last year? That's right. :3

000011982d ago

this game is getting better and better, all i want is black adam, bizarro, and the spectre added to the roster.

SPARDA_4261982d ago

All I hope is that this game turns out to be a surprise hit, this late in this generation.

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The story is too old to be commented.