UGO Gamesblog: Most Anticipated in 2008: PlayStation Portable

There's no better sign that Sony's PlayStation Portable is in trouble than our sixth and final platform-specific "Most Anticipated in 2008" list. Two of the titles listed here are cross-platform releases, two more are potential Vaporware and the rest… well, the rest we're pretty damn psyched about. But it isn't right that a list such as this should have to be filled out with unconfirmed and non-exclusive titles. Those who shelled out the money for their shiny new PSP Slim deserve better. That being said, read on for our take on the best of what to look forward to in 2008 for Sony's handheld.

The last in a series of six UGO Gamesblog features covering the most anticipated releases of 2008 for each platform. Feature by Adam Rosenberg.

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