PC Gamer - Planetary Annihilation preview

PC Gamer - To paraphrase George Carlin, Planetary Annihilation is proof that at some point, someone was playing an RTS and thought, “You know, I want to drop a planet on top of those guys over there, and this game just won’t let me do that.”

If you’re having these sorts of thoughts, it helps if you’re Jon Mavor, co-founder and CTO of Uber Entertainment and a veteran developer who worked with Chris Taylor on both Total Annihilation and its spiritual successor, Supreme Commander. Today, Mavor launched a Kickstarter for Planetary Annihilation, a real-time strategy game that takes classic TA/SupCom gameplay and expands the battle across solar systems full of worlds, moons, and asteroids.

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CAPTelmo2280d ago

Pledged! I so want to drum up more support for this project. If it just barely scrapes the $900k it'll be ok but if we can get it to Kicktraqs estimated trend of $3.2 million then... most of those stretch goals will be a done deal. Any takers??