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Destructoid - I can only hope the community breathes some life into this title. While the few songs that are included are a decent afternoon distraction, in the end, it feels like a wasted effort; the illusion of innovation wrapped in the familiar shell of Locco Rocco, LittleBigPlanet, and to a lesser extent, Frequency. Innovation is one thing, but familiarity breeds contempt.

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MmaFan-Qc2308d ago

Not only does Sound Shapes fully realize its potential, it leaves expectation behind to become easily the best Vita title to date. The real accomplishment of this game is just how incredibly FUN it is to create your content. I've yet to even publish a level, but I've spent hours just tinkering around in creation mode building rhythms and beats just for my own enjoyment. I freakin adore this game.

"the illusion of innovation wrapped in the familiar shell of Locco Rocco, LittleBigPlanet" What? There are as many possibilities for level creation here as anywhere. The platforming is tight and fun, the level design in the included campaign is as diverse as the music that accompanies it.

In the first few days they were getting 1000's of levels submitted to the community section, so many so fast that the servers were down for hours or days at a time, and this was before the game was even released in Europe. Not enough levels with the little submarine/spaceship for you? make some yourself, then there will be plenty for everyone!

Quite a few websites have level creation contests going on, and some of the submissions i've found are as good as anything in the campaign, albeit without "professionals" making the music, but they can be just as good.

I think anyone who likes solid platforming games, music of all varities, and the option to create your own content should check this game out, for the low price of $15 for TWO copies, you can hardly find the amount of innovation included, illusion or not, for the same price.

ddurand12308d ago

im glad the game is doing well and people are enjoying it, its just not my cup of tea.

ill probably see what all the fuss is about when it goes on sale; mostly because this would make my fiance very happy.