Risen 2 montage: the worst animations in history

OXMUK writes: To save you the time and money required to actually sit down and play the game, we've compiled a video of our three favourite specimens.

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HebrewHammer2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Poor Piranha Bytes.

I've been playing their games since I was a kid, starting with Gothic. People like me understand that with their titles, it's give and take.

Sometimes you've gotta give up solid animations for fun RPG mechanics. They don't have Bethesda resources, after all.

Kur02307d ago

Funnily enough, Skyrim doesn't exactly have the nicest animations either.

HebrewHammer2307d ago

Haha! Very true, but at least it's disguised in first-person lol

Mounce2307d ago

Yea, Skyrim and Oblivion animations in slashing things with your sword might as well be comparable to that of Minecraft slashing animations.... whiff whiff.

MrAnderson2307d ago

How did this get approved.

RankFTW2307d ago

This game is actually really fun and engaging. I completed it a while ago on the PC and it lasted a good 60 hours.

HebrewHammer2307d ago

Finally! Someone who agrees with me.

DarthJay2307d ago

You have to play on PC and not the consoles for this one. I waited to play it on Xbox 360, and the alpha version of the game I got to try way before the PC version came out looked 10 times better. It was an enjoyable game for the most part, just a poor console port.

turgore2307d ago

animation is still better than most bethesda games.

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