Fallout 4 To Take Place in Boston?

A rumor has recently sprung up that Fallout 4 may take place in Boston.

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NukaCola1977d ago

I personally would of thought something like New York City, but I could dig Boston. DLC in NY and Pennsylvania. There is tons of land to explore and it's a very patriotically historic location. I am really ready for a new Fallout. I love that series a ton.

Reverent1977d ago

I'm really happy it isn't New York. Like we really need another game based in that city... Who knows, Boston sounds refreshing.

victorGma211977d ago

I don't really care where is it, just bring it to me.

MAJ0R1976d ago

Hopefully the don't casualize the hell out of it like they did with Skyrim... I actually want to think, Bethesda.

Hufandpuf1977d ago

I vote Tokyo. just to mix it up a little.

SSKILLZ1977d ago

actually i was thinking Russia or China but its cool, i just want to know more about the sword of the east AKA Legit Lanious and also what is up with california.

NIRVANArazor1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Fallout wouldn't be Fallout if it was set anywhere else but the USA.

Maybe a Spin-off But not FO4

mynameisEvil1977d ago

I have to agree with Nirvana. Part of what makes Fallout the series it is is the setting of a 1950's-influenced future, complete with all of the Americana of the mid 20th century. Getting rid of that by putting it in friggin' Tokyo wouldn't work, which is exactly why the series has never gone to any location that isn't in the US (except for Mothership Zeta, but I REALLY don't want to think about that DLC).

Irishguy951977d ago

They couldn't stick it in Russia or any eastern EU country/ Too similar to Stalker

ab5olut10n1977d ago

YES, tokyo or maybe hong kong. something eastern in terms of culture, but just western enough to be relatable and emotionally engaging.

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ChipChipperson1977d ago

You know, that would be pretty sweet if we visited The Pitt again.

Crazyglues1977d ago

I think the real question is will it be on Xbox 360 and PS3 or is it going to be Nex Gen..

Fallout 4 on PS4 and 720 would probably look amazing..


silvacrest1976d ago

true, but i want it this year

_-EDMIX-_1976d ago

I really doubt it will be on current gen consoles. My reason? Publishers are not just trying to release games cause they want too, they also need to know they are competing against other developers and publishers.

ie why F4 will very likely be out on PS4/720/PC. They want to be the first major WRPG out on new systems while there still isn't many titles out to capitalize on the lack of games at the start of a gen, ie Oblivion this gen.

So i very much see it being a next gen game EASY. Remember, most gamers seem to forget that games actually think....time! LOL! They can make F4 now on PS3/360/PC and then what? Start making a new one and then release it 2 to 3 years later when other titles similar to it has already released? I mean, does that even make sense?

Its better to get a head start and start investing in next gen while they can.

phigz181977d ago

Replying to you just for visibility, because frankly it needs to be said.

This article is based on some random guy on Reddit saying "I work at MIT and Bethesda is totally here and Fallout is totally going to be here." If anyone is putting any stock into this rumor, then you honestly deserve to be reading all the crap "journalism" articles that so many people complain about all the time on this site.

Use discretion, people. Anyone could go on any forum and make any baseless claim like that and not back it up with ANY sources whatsoever. Which is exactly what happened in this case.

PockyKing1977d ago

Whoever said it was confirmed? Do you know the person that posted it? WHAT IF they really do know what they're talking about, you never know. If you know exactly what Fallout 4 is I'd LOVE to hear it. Because I don't.

phigz181977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

"Whoever said it was confirmed?"

How about the title of the article, "Fallout 4 To Take Place in Boston"? Along with all the people who just read the title and thought "Sweet/Hell no!" ?

"Do you know the person that posted it?"

NO ONE does, much less the author of the article. That's the point.

The person on Reddit has two comments (last time I checked), one being the post itself and the other saying "I can't post sources because I'm afraid of the repercussions." Sure, it could be true, and personally I think Boston would be a cool locale, but what I'm saying is that given the lack of ANY proof whatsoever, it's ignorant to put any faith into this and downright unprofessional to write such an article based on some guy with no sources.

Would you believe me if I told you my cousin works at Sony and Crash Bandicoot, Samanoske Akechi, and Adelbert Steiner were all going to be in Battle Royale?

ThatKanadianKid1976d ago

The title of the article has a ? mark for a reason bro, plus it's defined as a rumor and even says in the post that it sounds "sketchy". Don't call someone unprofessional because they posted a rumor. How would they know if it's true or not? They're just sharing information. Sometimes stuff like this happens to be true, so you never know.

Danniel11976d ago

Bet Christmas is fun in your house mate.

Rockefellow1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Boy, I see posts fail on here all the time using your logic, yet people seem to disagree with your sound sensibility. No wonder half of the hottest news stories are consistently trite, speculative garbage.

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xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Lets be honest though, either way the setting usually feels like desert meets barren wasteland meets small settlement. Never in my 200+ hours in New Vegas did i ever say "hey this reminds me of California and Vegas" <_< New Vegas dissappointed me as a setting, it felt like it was an entirely fictional place that they could have done alot more with (at least the Vegas strip itself). Hopefully by F4 humanity is at the perfect balance between rebuilding civilization AND total f**king ruin (lol). Like maybe some vehicles? You'd think it's the first thing the brotherhood of steel would've salvaged from the "old world".

Either way i'm extremely excited for any news about Fallout 4. ^_^

joab7771977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

If they wanted to b bold on next Gen, they could do, NY, Boston and Philli. But, I buy this about 85%. The story of the institute vs. The railroad would be a perfect story. The institute loves technology and has been rumored to have created AI. The railroads goal is to free all these beings. U could pick sides with benefits for each choice. U would get an AI as a partner, one of those that has been freed. Maybe they link it to NY and Philadelphia with an underground railroad of sorts. Maybe There's a serious benefit to having these creatures and u have to decide between freedom and saving mankind...or something like that.

Another idea could be some sort of invasion from another country that wasn't as hard hit. Like a new revolutionary war set in Boston. Maybe the AI are needed to win but u think u can free them and convince them to help.

ThanatosDMC1977d ago

I just want a better end game. The story and the quests are fine but challenge disappears even on hard mod when fully leveled. Taking missiles to the face is nothing especially with all those DR perks from having all the dlcs.

Jockamo1976d ago

Boston sounds too much like Fallout three w/ the northeast...I would've wanted something like Florida w/ beaches and Disney World (copyrights I know I know...), or even Michigan w/ a snowy forest setting..

Eyeco1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

i would have preferred if they expanded the universe to europe, asia, south america or even africa, we dont really know whats going on in those continents in post-apocalyptia, there are mentions of them but no real idea of whats going on.

For the most part american cities are far to similar imo, i doubt it will be an exiting new aesthetic. That said im still looking forward to this game, it's my most anticipated unannounced game.

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user54670071977d ago

Boston.....awwwwh man

Take it to London, has anyone seen that art someone made of a ruined London, that would be perfect for a Fallout game.

PockyKing1977d ago

I think London would be too urbany.

-Omega1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Well we don't know the time era when the bombs hit. I mean it was futuristic in Fallout but America still had the whole "American Dream" thing going on, we don't know if London had hit the Urban theme yet or still had that old/victorian vibe going on.

Guess they coud do anything with London.

Besides I would guess that Parliament/Big Ben's general area would still be in tacked like D.C was and outside it would just be a wasteland like the outside D.C in Fallout 3. However since they managed to create pure, clean water in F3 and the whole time jump we'll experience (proberly 50-200 years) England could see some green again. It's anyones guess really

PockyKing1977d ago

True, I guess if they maybe had two seperate areas, like the city of London, and then maybe something like "The Outskirts" etc would be pretty neat. I want a apocalyptic game that shows us more of the environmental aspects of a nuclear apocalypse though.

Swiggins1977d ago

The lack of Vaults in London would make it harder to craft a narrative out of it, though I would love to explore ruined England, the geography alone makes it an excellent candidate.

user54670071977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

People say that but the thing is this is their game, they are crafting a story, they can easily make up a story about hidden underground vaults the government installed secretly or something like that to bring the story to England.

I don' think much is said in Fallout about London or England in general so it won't be harder to craft a story out of. What about if the Enclave after being defeated in D.C get forced to set up base in England to plan another attack to take over.

Eyeco1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

London is one of the most tunneled cities in the world, bunkers, catacombs, old mail tunnels,roman ruins, unused rail ways, and despite having the 2nd largest subway system in the world the city is full of used tunnels, un used sewers, abandoned underground stations , secret underground ww2 bunkers/ bomb shelters even old cities hollowed way underneath.

Its the main reason why theres are hardly any skyscrapers in the city they would just sink right through, so im sure they could build a narrative around that , and im damn well sure Vaults could have been constructed , what country wouldn't have ? infact during the cold war i wouldn't be surprised if the west did construct secret underground vaults, i mean the moon landings were a product of the cold war if they could do that who knows what else could have gone under the cover ?

mynameisEvil1977d ago

As I said in my previous comment, it's the Americana that makes the Fallout setting the Fallout setting.

"Ruined buildings do not a Fallout setting make." -Master Yoda in something non-existent

However, I would say that London is a great place for any other post-apocalyptic game. I don't think Hellgate: London quite utilized the setting to its full potential, however.

user54670071977d ago

Not really...

That futuristic tec, vaults, post nuculer setting, werid chracters is what makes Fallout, Fallout....not because it's set in America

It needs a new location to freshen things up, it can't be set in America forever. People want to see the world of Fallout in differn't locations.

Danniel11976d ago

I agree for me Fallout wouldn't be Fallout without the U.S. That being said if it was set in Boston then a tea party themed DLC involving the UK would be hilarious.

TheNocturnus1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Unless it doesn't take place on next gen systems, I don't care where it is.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Needs to lead on pc first.. So it can avoid appealing to the masses.

TheNocturnus1977d ago

It can lead on PC but it needs to be on Xbox 720 and PS4. I want a huge map that takes real time hours to cross, driveable/flyable vehicles and NPC's that actually have a life of their own inside the game.

I'm just exhausted with the current generation and Wii U is likely not going to do it for me. I want the 720 and PS4 so bad.

SilentNegotiator1977d ago

Right. Because Bethesda doesn't want to sell to the masses or anything. And porting to the consoles would change that.


Danniel11976d ago

...Yeah the masses. The enemy of financial success those bastards.

Muffins12231977d ago

It will land on next gen consoles...but it will use the same engine as skyrim did... basically is just will be slightly improved,look at oblivion and fallout 3...fallout 3 uses same engine but its slightly more improved

RatchetandClank1977d ago

I bet it will be announce at the VGAs.

MattyG1977d ago

I want it sooner! But yeah, ive been assuming that it'd be announced at the VGAs for a while now.

Lahey1977d ago

Maybe at next years VGA. I think its to early for this years.
But I hope Im wrong. Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games. So I am waiting for a sequel by Bethseda. New Vegas wasnt nearly as good as 3.

marioPSUC1977d ago

well it could be very neat cause I imagine "The Institute" would be a key point for the storyline, if you follow the Fallout lore and stuff like that it could make for a pretty good story.

TheColbertinator1977d ago

I know what you mean.

MIT is a good area for a new Fallout