New Metal Gear Rising Demo and Trailer Planned For Tokyo Game Show

Given the proximity the two events, Kojima Productions could just recycle Metal Gear Rising's Gamescom materials for September's Tokyo Game Show. But they're not taking the easy way out.

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Batzi2283d ago

By the time this new demo and trailer come, MGS5 would have been announced by Kojima which is due on August 30th which is less than 2 weeks from now. That being said, I am looking forward to the "authentic" Metal Gear Solid game more and I am keeping my eye on Rising too.

RyuX192283d ago

Hopefully this will appease the fans that are still angry about Rising. The story so far doesn't even sound as corny as people thought it would be. It makes sense for the world to still be messed up after the destruction of the Patriots.

Batzi2283d ago

I know Kojima Productions will be writing the story but it is not Kojima himself which is why I am not that excited for the story even if it made a bit of sense.

RyuX192283d ago


For years Kojima has been trying to pass the series off to his team, and now he seems confident in this product and if he wasn't he would have shut it down like he did the original Rising.

doogiebear2283d ago

He better mention the return of MGO in some way or fashion too, or I just dont care anymore.

Omar912283d ago

playstation allstars battle royale raiden confirmed

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Rhezin2282d ago