Interview with ClassRealm Creator Ben Bertoli

WC writes: Who reading this enjoyed school? I’m guessing a large number of you wished you didn’t have to go in when you were younger, much preferring to spend time playing with your friends or enjoying your favourite computer games. I’m guessing you would have enjoyed it an immeasurable amount more if you could have gone to school as Morlack the deranged blood elf werewolf, levelling up by doing your homework and battling the teacher every so often. If that sounds like a great idea to you then you are one of the many people who could have benefited from ClassRealm, a system of turning classes into a JRPG to improve performance and participation in school children. I was recently able to interview the creator of ClassRealm, Ben Bertoli, about incorporating JRPG mechanics into his classes, the future of gamification and much more. Read on, and you might get some ideas of how to make your day job a little more interesting too.

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