A Love Letter to Mirror’s Edge

WC writes: I get a lot of weird looks whenever I describe Mirror’s Edge as not only a great game – but also one of my favourite games I’ve ever played. People will often describe Mirror’s Edge as shallow, complicated and sea-sickness inducing. All of these could be true and I’m not going to pretend this game is flawless, but it is a game that I have willingly gone back to and completed on a number of occasions. This is made particularly easier by its short length, but to me, that’s perfect! I’m not looking for a second job when I go out and buy a new game, I want something that I can pick up and play a few evenings a week for an hour or so.

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hoolesy2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

It's nice to see I'm not the only one. Me and my mate used to email each other at work when this beloved game was out. It was fresh, it's was beautiful, it was visual Prozac. Totally refreshing in fact. Yes the fighting sequences sometimes made you restart a thousand times, but only if I recall because some checkpoints left me caught in killer loops (one particular in an underground car park!). Apart from that, I was in love from start to finish. The difference with this game (like Skyrim for me) is that is was happy escapism from stressful grey life. No decapitating, no dread, no world terrorism; just refreshing. And yes, Lisa Miskovsky "Still Alive" still makes me shiver. INCREDIBLE game and terribly sad it didn't boom. Would love to see how many fans are out there. Holla back!

josephps32305d ago

Well said hoolesy. I couldn't have described the game any better. It is a an unappreciated game.

vallencer2305d ago

I've been wanting a second one since half way through the first one. I absolutely loved this game the concept was fantastic and it was executed very very well. Yes there were some mishaps about it but they were minor that it didn't bother me at all. I want a second one and i think if they added multiplayer they could do a great job by having a free roaming city type style or something or you know what hell just leave it single player with time trials and i'll still take that!!! i just want another one dice that's all.

Agheil2305d ago

I LOVED MIRRORS EDGE ASWELL, Finished the story about 5 times haha. Once you know the places and the jumps, the game is amazing.

Ace_Pheonix2305d ago

I've been working on the time trials, they are pretty brutal though. Awesome game, and a sequel hasn't been ruled out by DICE.

tigertron2305d ago

One of the best games this gen.

Tyre2305d ago

Loved it since day 1 and still playing it.
I bought all versions on every platform and i think it is a work of art. Great Article! To me (and more people i see)it is THE best game this generation! DICE please keep the gameplay intact...a little learning curve has never been a problem for long and most game LACK it. The gameplay is most immersive and it will disasterous if u make the gameplay easier. Make it more open world amd let us choose our own path via the current freerunner controls. I thought the gameplay was brilliant! and please bring LIsa back to do another soundtrack!

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The story is too old to be commented.