Lego City Undercover: Open world Wii U exclusive looks promising - CVG

There was a time when Lego really was just blocks.

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Jadedz2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

I'm gonna wait for a couple of full game impressions first, though (before purchasing this title).

LOL_WUT2107d ago

Yep, this game looks like it's going to be fun to play.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32107d ago

This game is one of the reasons I'm buying a Wii U the other would of course be Zombie U.

Freakazoid20122107d ago

Have they made a bad lego game yet? I'm 37 and played the Lego games some with nieces and nephews and I've enjoyed them. Really fun games even for an adult IMO. I know there are a ton of them but I've never heard of one being bad

GribbleGrunger2107d ago

Definitely a game that could sell the Wiiu.

GribbleGrunger2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Why the disagree? i'd love that to be on the PS3 and I'm sure 360 owners would to. Come on people; credit where credit is due.

Freakazoid20122107d ago

I dont get the people on this site in all honesty.

They want Vita to be failure
They want Wii U to be a failure.

It seems most of the people on this site just want to come here and hate on things they have no interest in.
Heaven forbid you ever point out one of them is wrong. You'll get all kinds of hate for that..

thezeldadoth2107d ago

its N4G. They want everything except for sony to fail.

vallencer2107d ago

I think people just like disagreeing. Its like when you reply to someone you ALWAYS get a disagree even though what you say is correct. I think this lego game looks awesome its grand theft auto for kids lol. I done want any system to fail because that means that company won't produce those exclusives anymore and damnit I love gaming and everything about it. Except the whiny entitled gamers.

-Gespenst-2107d ago

It's just a bunch of aggressive consumers who've become so loyal to brands and corporations in the videogames industry that they've forgotten that games are all about fun, and that that's all that should really matter. It's pitiful.

Phil322107d ago

@Freakzoid2012 - Well said and true. Sadly, N4G is just console wars 101 and nothing more. Unfortunately it gets worse when the same commenters go to troll on the articles that are linked here.

Qrphe2107d ago

It's just a few disagrees, one can't expect everyone to roll the way we want.

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-Gespenst-2107d ago

Sounds and looks awesome. Although there is something vaguely sinister about the way he's supposed to "melt down" criminals and "remould them as model citizens" haha

stuntman_mike2107d ago

one of the reasons i'm getting a WiiU.