GamesCom 2012 - Preview Multiplayer Medal of Honor: Warfighter |

It is not CoD. Is not Battlefield. And 'Medal of Honor and has a soul of its own!

At the fair gaming German GamesCom 2012, could not miss Medal of Honor: Warfighter first person shooter ever developed by Danger Close, but this time using the full engine Frostbite 2.0 DICE, without the Swedish team could put his hands on the title.

Mindful of what he had raised in the previous chapter, I was going to test the Multiplayer sector, led by flashbacks of the online experience.

The proof of Medal of Honor: Warfighter left me amazed at the work done by the guys at Danger Close, who presented the multiplayer component of the title, and what it can offer in the way with the real news.

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unchartedxplorer2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Hm. Interesting. If gta v doesn't come out this year I might consider buying this if the reviews are good.

Crazyglues2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

LoL... yeah right, this game is not going to be good, I don't believe this site for a second..

This game is a carbon copy of been there done that, if the game is any good EA better do a demo, because with everything else out there this one's not even in gamer's top 3 games to buy...

it has copy of battlefield written all over it.. just not as good and nowhere near as much fun to play...

and forget about the console version, because that looks like pure trash -

you can download it - right under the removed video - that's actual console footage...


OneAboveAll2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Not sure what drugs you have been taking but it sure doesn't look like trash to me. And even if it did it still looks better than Call of Duty.

Way to judge the game based off of shitty YT quality video. Been there done that? I'm pretty sure there isn't another game that is based on real world special forces in the field today along with their stories.

Games not going to be good huh? I assume you have played it then? Because if you haven't then you can't say shit. Get your eyes checked kid.

Crazyglues2281d ago

@ OneAboveAll whatever that's your opinion and my opinion is it's not going to be good..

so buy it if you like it...

I don't think it will be better then black-ops 2 and no i'm not a call of duty fanboy

I play battlefield and I didn't like the first MOH and I'm sure this one will not be good either.. I don't think Danger close can make a good one..

but if you like it good for you then... enjoy

venom062281d ago

what a retarded CoD fanboy.... the game looks great and is the perfect blend of CoD and Battlefield... its gonna be awesome..

OneAboveAll2281d ago

Agreed. First sign of being a COD fanboy is denying the fact that you are one.

Crazyglues2280d ago

@ OneAboveAll

First sign of being stupid is making comments that make you sound like a three year old..

unchartedxplorer2280d ago

Give the game at least a chance. You don't just brand a game crap because their previous games were bad or because of questionable footage. Plenty of developers like R* or ND made crap games before they started making good games. Maybe the game is crap or maybe the game might be the best of this generation. We won't know until the game(or a possible beta) released and the reviews come out for it.