Top 5 Video Game Terrors Of The Deep -- There Are Worse Things Than Sharks In The Virtual Sea

G4 writes: The darkest corners of the sea are home to an innumerable amount of menacing underwater creatures, most of which we've never even seen before. Video games love to prey on the fear of the unknown and the potential for some extremely gnarly undersea life, and many of them incorporate some rather nightmarish monsters to scare us out of our wits.

Some are simply variations on normal sea life. In fact, you'd better hope with all your might that you see a shark instead of one of these monstrosities. In honor of the annual celebration in which we sing all the praises of said sharks, Shark Week, we've caught five underwater creatures in gaming that are way worse than sharks.

Look out next time you decide to go snorkeling.

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Snookies122249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

The Emerald Weapon used to kind of freak me out when I first played FF7... Every time I went down there and didn't know if it'd be right under me always had me worried. Plus the music underwater added to the effect somehow lol.

HarvesterOSarow2248d ago

Emerald was freaky man. That quick second after you submerged your heart would stop, and then you would see him floating over a crater in the corner and you're like, "oh sweet, time to explore." Then when you least expect it, BAM!

thorstein2248d ago

Not one from Dragon Quest?

MWH2248d ago

Emerald Weapon and Ruby as well, until you hit lucky 7.

TheLyonKing2248d ago

I beat emerald weapon pretty easily so I was thinking about bossing ruby and holy hell I got my ass kicked haha