IGN previews Tomb Raider Underworld

IGN previews Tomb Raider Underworld and states:

She's been a Legend, inspired Chronicles and had world-spanning Adventures. She just recently celebrated her Anniversary, revisiting old stomping grounds. She's even leapt from consoles to PCs, handhelds to mobile phones and taken on the box office twice. Over the years, Lara Croft's popularity has never waned as she's explored ruins, tombs and other historical sites. But her latest expedition will pit her against dangerous enemies, new hazards and some treacherous myths. We got a chance to check out the demo for the upcoming Tomb Raider Underworld twice, and thanks to the various enhancements and new abilities Lara has available, this could be the deepest Tomb Raider yet.

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Joey Gladstone3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

I hope its not that Unreal engine as it appears to be by the textures of the wet stones........I'm just getting sick of these games all looking constantly the same about a little variety please??...
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

DEADEND3677d ago

Don't tell me this is the game that they were talking about having a exclusive preview of because if it is then this is a let down for me. I thought it would be a new IP or a title everyone was waiting for. :(

TheExecutive3677d ago

i feel ya. I was watching it all day and its Tomb Raider? Blah. I was hoping for a preview of the ps3 build of GTA. Oh well.

DEADEND3677d ago

Hahaha I was hoping for something from Crytek like a console version of Crysis. The reason why I think it's coming to console is because they didn't make any money off of the game on PC and we all know how money hungry EA is, plus theres that rumor about them showing the new Crytek engine for consoles. I really hope they come out with Crysis for the PS3 this year because I don't have the money to buy a high end PC this year for it.

Blademask3677d ago

Its interesting how the screens keep degrading as they get closer to the final product.

If its anything like T1 - T2 ill bite.

zonetrooper53677d ago

I think they are using their own inhouse engine, could be wrong though and I don't think that IGN has said anything about that annoucement, what time does the annoucement happen?

xg-ei8ht3677d ago

You'll need a high end ps3 to play crysis.

Possibly medium settings, but should be good. As on pc, still looks very good and it is a great game on pc.

I've recently just finished it.

I enjoyed it more then farcry.

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