What if Final Fantasy VIII had trophies?

B2G writes: What if Final Fantasy 8 had trophies?

I came up with that specific thought because FF7 was re-released this week with achievements. And then I thought, what if FF8 has achievements?

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user54670072309d ago

"Eyes on her" - Successfully pick up the courage to talk to Julia

waltyftm2308d ago

That's a good one.
"Swot tactics"- Successfully complete all SeeD exams.

ReadyBodyReggie2308d ago

>Press Start to Begin!
Trophy Unlocked
>Enter character name!
Trophy Unlocked
I'd buy it.

NukaCola2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

FF VII now has Steam achievements and they are lame. Mostly for beating each disc, using 1st and Final Limits, and beating the Weapons. Nothing creative whatsoever. If FF VIII were to come in to consoles or PC with achievements/trophies, please be more creative.

amandadyar2307d ago

It should've had an achievement for Cloud being Don Corneo's special lady for the night haha.

doogiebear2307d ago

It would awesome if trophies were patched into ps one classics. I think its possible, because one of the ark the lad games for ps one on psn has some kind of online arena fighting add on to it too.

Imagine these games with trophies:
Castlevania sotn
metal gear solid
Mgs vr missions
And just about any other game u can think of (sorry, im just a huge konami fan).

Also PS2 trophies. :O

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waltyftm2308d ago

I have always wanted a Hd remake of 8 instead of 7, and the Trophy list in the article would be a fine addition.

Irishguy952308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

7 is better than 8 though.

Same as you MrAnderson, but some people do like the old Trophies and Achievements

To each their own Zanarkand I suppose, I'm a FF7 > FF10 > FF8 guy. Although the three of them are some of my favorite games anyway and are very close. They also have there ups and downs.

ToZanarkand862308d ago

FFX is better than them both IMO

Personally i preferred 8 to 7

DOMination-2308d ago

I felt FFX was the start of it all going downhill. Linear corridors going from one area to another, no world map, crap voice acting.. it gets a much easier ride than FF13 simply because it's fondly remembered as a PS2 exclusive but the game was nowhere near as good as 6-9 imo. The battle system in X was great though.

ToZanarkand862308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Yeah i agree about the linear nature of FFX but i thought the story, voice acting and battle system were awesome. There was a lot more to do and more to explore in FFX than FF13 though, and FF13s story was soo boring.

Oh, and the music... To Zanarkand alone makes FFX a beast of a game.

Irishguy952308d ago

Yeah you are both right, FFX had everything except the world map, FFXIII had no distactions/minigames etc either which meant you could do nothing but combat, also the combat sucked for the 20 hours I played, cept boss battles and Summons

ToZanarkand862308d ago

Yeah i gave up after 20 hrs on FF13 too, the forced drama, shitty characters and TERRIBLE battle system killed it for me. Dunno what theyre thinking making FF13-2 and now possibly FF13-3! Dumbasses or what...

doogiebear2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Nope. Be enlighted:

Ff 5-8, 10 > FF 11, 13, 14

FF 9 I didnt think was all that spectacular, but I dont know anyone who disliked it as much as me, so i'll just have to respect the fact that it's a classic to fans nontheless. 12 was alright too.

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MrAnderson2308d ago

I've never seen the appeal of trophies, I don't care personally.

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