Nintendo's Wiimote accessories patent?

Browsing through the UK Patent website yesterday, discovered a patent submitted by Nintendo. It contains diagrams outlining different uses of the Wiimote from forming the barrel of a gun, through insertion into a Steering Wheel unit to insertion into a soft toy. It is definitely worth a read. The patent can be found via the source link below.

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Joey Gladstone3850d ago

please dont tell me that is a WiiBike and a WiiSkate Board LOL ......they are just taking this whole thing a bit too far ......but I can almost guarantee some shmcuk will buy these and defend them to the death lol..
..."The JOEY has Spoken"

Tempist3850d ago

Nope. The one patent 'mosaic' was something like a wiimote and 'chuck attachment being placed in some kind of shotgun configuration as well as some bizarre picture of a game cube TV and IR sensors.

All and all these attachments are somewhat removing the imagination that the Wii was suppose to put back into gaming.

rofldings3850d ago

Nintendo doesn't care about imagination, they just want people to buy 5-cent Chinese made pieces of plastic for $20/each.

LanRanger3850d ago

Presumably the bike pedal would be used with an exercise bike. Personally I think a racing game where speed was controlled by how fast you pedal would be pretty cool.

uuaschbaer3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

That WiiBike thing would be freaking hilarious.