Review: “Sleeping Dogs”… with In-Game Footage (no spoilers) [Gaming Dead]

Gaming Dead: "I finally got this game to run. If you haven’t read my previous article warning you against pre-ordering PC games, then now you have a link to that article as well.

If anyone wants to know whether this is just like Grand Theft Auto IV, then yes, that is exactly what this game is like. However, that is not to say that Sleeping Dogs isn’t heap loads of fun, if you can get by some of the cheesy story, inconsistencies in cultural bias (to say the least), etc. It’s just like almost every other sandbox title, but the combat mechanics keep this game from being just another mission to mission grind that gets stale during gameplay. With the history of development hell behind this title, we’re lucky the developers saw fit to make its gameplay as solid and amazing as it is now at release… with a few minor flaws, but we can get to that later. United Front spent a lot of time making Sleeping Dogs their killer app, and it shows!"

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