Fall of Cybertron - a Transformers game to rival Arkham Asylum?

OXM - Transformers is the elephant in our particular room, an elephant composed of a million billion shiny, sinister mechanisms. To the man or woman who tames the beast, exposing its secrets to the world, shall be awarded mighty web traffic increases, as legions of fans around the internet focus their adoration.

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NastyLeftHook02310d ago

there two different types of games.

mafiahajeri2310d ago

Yes obviously. I didnt even read the article and I know that he means that Transformers is a licensed game to rival Batman. Basically Transformers FOC is the Batman AC of the Transformers brand.

Read the article next time which Im sure you didnt...

NastyLeftHook02310d ago

there 2 different types of games.

OneAboveAll2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

tentsonsoftube, I think you missed the point.

They are both sleepers.

Irishguy952310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

He means,

Batman AC had crafted a perfect 'batman' game. And has realized the potential of the batman franchise in gaming.

Transformers FAC has crafted a perfect 'Transformers' game. And has realized the potential of the Transformers franchise in gaming.

Really, there isn't much times when a 'movie/tv series etc' series is not just a waste of time cash in. Arkham **** series has caught what a Batman game should be like. Transformers is the same

There's just something smooth as **** when you are a taking on a small armada in a tight room online, then transforming into a jet, whizzing through their formation and narrowly escaping through an opening in the wall. You can just hear the other team "****, we missed em!!"

Mike_Tha_Hero2310d ago

This is a reach of a comparison, at any capacity.

Two completely different franchises, the impact won't relate at all.

mafiahajeri2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

@OneAboveAll Well he missed the point by a country mile and hes still not getting it so theres no point taling sense into him. The first Transformers was a sleeper hit, a true hidden gem. FOC is a sequel to capitalize on War Of Cybertron.

I was hyped for AA ALOT! So were alot of people. But with Transformers it literally came out of no where.

I still think he means that these are the two best liscensed games out there , not sleeper hits and hes right...

OneAboveAll2310d ago

The first game surprised me. I have FOC pre-ordered. Can't wait for Tuesday!

jjb19812310d ago

My poo rivals arkham asylum...

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2310d ago

thats some pretty fine poo you've got there

jjb19812310d ago

Yes indeed, you should see its investigation mode.

FreakyFox2310d ago

High Moon Studio and Rocksteady Studio have done very well with turning a comic/cartoon francise into fantastic gaming experience, and done it on Unreal Engine 3 that is about 7 years old.

Very impressed.

Zha1tan2309d ago

Rocksteady & High Moon are two of my favourite developers! both know how to do a great fan service and it seems they actually listen to the fanbase.