Crash Bandicoot 2: What The Hell is a Bandicoot?

Jirard and Greg look at Sony star that died too young in one of his best adventures!

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NukaCola1943d ago

The original 4 games will always be unforgettable. 3 amazing platformers and a Kart Racing game. I would love to see Crash come back.

SilentNegotiator1942d ago

Activision has him. I'd rather see him die than turn into Skylanders.

Irishguy951943d ago

Did not die to young. I'm glad ND moved on from it. I'd prefer more vareity than just have a repeating mascot for ages. Jak and Dax - then uncharted, now Last of us, I wonder what they'll do next gen

SilentNegotiator1942d ago

Yeah, it's nice that ND moved on, but he didn't have to DIE. Sony should have snapped the IP up before Activision.

NastyLeftHook01943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

please naughty dog, make a new crash! or at least a collection.

iamnsuperman1943d ago

Activision holds the rights to Crash Bandicoot so Naughty Dog cannot do anything about it.

Gran Touring1942d ago

I grew up on the crash games and loved them to death. Crash 3:warped was and still is one of my favorite platforming games of all time.

Relientk771942d ago

Naughty Dog please buy back the rights to Crash. We know you can return Crash to his former days of glory

Baka-akaB1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

nah let's keep them where they are at , creating new ips every once in a while .

Would be way better to have activision at least get some sense and put a good studio like High Moon on it .

All i picture with ND getting involved with Crash again , would be some negociation on a HD collection

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