Impulse Gamer: Myst Review

Impulse Gamer: Myst - even the title brings up a lot of emotions and feelings of when 3D games were just starting to get a foothold in the gaming scene. Hence why I was excited, to put it mildly, in seeing Myst for iOS. A few versions of Myst have been released throughout the years, to try to create the game that truly encapsulated the Miller brothers’ original vision but due to platform constraints or just unfortunate programming, the different incarnations were never well particularly received and no true improvement over the original. And now we have the iOS version.

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NukaCola2310d ago

This was such a classic. I also liked Riven and Exile as well.

I really want a new point and click like this. Haven't played one in ages. I think PS Move's Until Dawn has some elements of Myst in it that are really appealing.