AG: Azada: Secret Files 3 - Steffen Schamberger and Marco Zeugner Interview

AG: It's been three years since we last saw Nina Kalenkov and Max Gruber. After solving the century-old mystery of the Tunguska explosion, then saving the world from a climatic apocalypse, the pair have finally earned some time to rest and enjoy each other's company... at least until an armed SWAT team barges into their apartment and drags Max away. So much for relaxing. But gamers wouldn't have it any other way, as that means there's another mystery to be solved, the fate of the globe once more at stake. With Secret Files 3 heading into the home stretch, we caught up with the game's Producer, Steffen Schamberger from Deep Silver, and Project Leader Marco Zeugner from Animation Arts to reveal some early secrets about the new game.

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