Kojima wants to make a zombie game?

According to his own Twitter account, Hideo Kojima is a "zombie maniac" with an interest in the genre.

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DaThreats1618d ago

MGS Zombie Spin-Off Confirmed

Hellsvacancy1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Nah, Metal Gear Dead sounds better, instead of Snake wearing an eye patch, his eye would just hang out

TopDudeMan1617d ago

You kill a zombie, then you get a half hour codec conversation explaining who the zombie was and why killing it was doing it a favour with the main character being in some sort of turmoil in which he doesn't trust his commanding officer and the terrorists are gonna launch nukes and capture hostages and take control of nanomachines etc etc. Sounds fun.

Okay, so they should do that, but without the zombies.

sinncross1618d ago

Did he not show interest in making a Zombie MMO some years ago?

SnakePayne1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

i thienk it's well be new silent hill developed by kojima and using the fox engine.

DragonKnight1618d ago

Maybe Kojima will include a zombie mode in MGS5. I'm not sure if that would be good or not though.

Summons751618d ago

Oh please don't Kojima, Zombies are overrated and rather boring....not to mention a story about them kinda sucks. Stick with Metal Gear or ZOE

Irishguy951618d ago

Ok ....Zombies are overused, but Brilliant and fun

doogiebear1617d ago

Brilliant? Oh please tell me how so

DeletedAcc1618d ago

Make Silent Hill please!

CLOUD19831617d ago

Agree 100% leave zombies for the incompetent bunch of fools at Crapcom that turn RE into Gears of War those who r satisfied with an action-shooter RE they can go ahead & buy it, it's Silent Hill that need's revival ASAP! I would love to see how a SH game made by Kojima would be do it man!

sandman2241618d ago

He should absolutely do it. He has a point there are a lot of zombie games out there but how many of them are really good. If he makes a zombie game make sure it will be a zombie game everyone will talk about because it's the best one out. And if anyone can do it he can.

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The story is too old to be commented.