Fable 2 Update with New Images - Simon Says... #2

A lot of emails are being sent around on a daily basis, some about specifics in regards to the game and then there are also some more quirky ones. Several weeks ago Lionhead started a new feature on the Fable 2 development blog called "Simon Says..." where they share some of the emails to the whole team with the community!

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wageslave3825d ago

That model looks terrific. Looks like the game has some terrific Art Direction.

I played and loved Fable. Fable 2 looks like it is easily shaping up to be one of the best console-based RPGs of 2008.

I cant wait. Sure Day 1 Purchase for me. Lionhead and Molyneux never disappoint.

eLiNeS3825d ago

To bad for the trolls that come to life and disagree on 360 posts, they just runinit for me. Wish N4G was a game, I would powne theses noobs!

Rhezin3825d ago

There are soo many good games coming out for the 360. My TOP four (if RE5 doesn't come out this year) are condemned 2: bloodshot, Ninja Gaiden 2, The Force Unleashed, and Fable 2. HELL JAH!

Dr Pepper3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

I can't wait for Fable 2, especially with the world being ten times bigger than the original and that it is more free-roaming (you can jump the fence!). I'm buying this game on day 1.

MK_Red3825d ago

The game is indeed a day 1 purchase but I hope the bigger world doesn't hurt the richness and quality of it.

Plus, those monsters are so devilishly cute!

TheXgamerLive3825d ago

I'm glad to see he's able to take advantage of the power of the Xbox 360 to utilize it.

Fable 2, I hope I have my 50" by then b/c I'm getting tired of playing games on my 26"LCD, the wife doesn't want me playing on the living ropom TV:)) So, I'm getting a HD TV for gaming.

I also play from time to time w/my Turtle Beach Headphones, there great, if anyone needs or wants a headset try them. I have the wireless set, also you can use them to talk on Xbox live at the same time, the sound is incredible.

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