Vita's Call of Duty: Reasons to Worry

IGN - If you don’t pay attention to history, you’re destined to repeat it.

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josephps32313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

I looked at COD by Nihilistic and puked in my mouth. So I get to pay $300 for this...yeah....right.

Nihilistic murdered Resistance, why in the world would Activision allow Nihilistic to bastardized their cherished favourite child? It doesn't make any sense.

bothebo2313d ago

I'm not sure why you're getting disagrees. Everyone can agree that Declassified doesn't look good and that Nihilistic should just be shut down. They have murdered two games for the Vita.

PoSTedUP2313d ago

its like this:

you have this handheld where devs don't know if it's going to do well or not, so, instead of creating their star game on it with the best devs and most money, they have to test the waters, say pay a small dev that will deliver a "game" with their "name" on it to see how it will do for much cheaper. that way if its a hit then they make the most money possible, if its a miss they don't lose nearly as much as they would have, it's just business. that's why Sega threw out virtua tennis as their first game and not one of their bigger titles. i mean that is the only explanation i can think of; activision not being too confident in the vita...

josephps32313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

But you'd want to make the best first impression especially when everybody is excited to see what the new hardware is capable of delivering.

The consumer is evaluating whether the Vita is worth the admission price by judging the quality of the games being released.

Disappointing games makes gamers pause and say, "what the hell, I thought the Vita was this new high tech machine and I'm willing to pay the price if the games are worth it but what's this garbage?"

PoSTedUP2313d ago

it's cod, there is no first impression bc people are going to buy the game regardless, its not going to be something special, but its going to be ok by their standards of testing the waters. it only looks REALLY bad to the hardcore gamer, the average gamer or casual gamer wouldn't think its completely trash.. and the developers aren't concerned with delivering a good game and possibly losing money just to give consumers a good first impression of the vita. they just wanna make a quick buck. so you have to assess the situation of the vita first and foremost because that is key here. it seems you might be looking at it from the wrong perspective because this is a much different situation than the ps3/360/psp. its a new era and things are getting difficult for everyone.

AusRogo2313d ago

You bought your vita for cod? That's what you make it sound like so that's probably why the disagrees lol

ddurand12313d ago

Now I see why it took so long for gameplay and information.

I was really hoping for more.

boybato2313d ago

their studio's name defines the kind of games they make... NOTHING.

WeskerChildReborned2313d ago

It just doesn't look like it's changed except having bad graphics but hey maybe it will be fun. I really hoped Activision would have made the game though instead of Nihilistic.

Qrphe2313d ago

Hopefully Nihilistic gets a great amount of feedback so they step up their game, that's all we can hope for at this point.

boybato2313d ago

im afraid that at this point Nihilistic would not be able to apply changes in the game that might drastically improve it.

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