Nintendo: A Childhood Friend I Haven’t Seen In a Long Time

GOS: "This generation, the iconic Nintendo received slack from gamers due to their casual approach to gaming. From a business perspective bringing out your inner child proved successful for Nintendo as the Wii console is currently sitting on over 90 million units sold worldwide, resulting in the culture of gaming reaching a broader audience.

I believe the decision for some gamers to leave Nintendo behind wasn’t made of spite, but from the simple act of growing up."

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remanutd552282d ago

man i didn't write that article but it feels like i did lol, i experienced the same thing but i think the game that is going to make me go back to my gaming roots is not P-100 but ZombiU, im very interested in the game and i will be getting Nintendo Next Gen system to play it, if i like something i get it, hopefully Nintendo brings more appealing franchises in the future to the system.

CharlesDCI2282d ago

ZombiU does look pretty good...

telekineticmantis2281d ago

Would be my request, but it seems like I'm in the minority