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ShackNews: "Unfortunately, New Super Mario Bros 2 fails to live up to its name; it brings nothing new to the table. By failing to innovate, NSMB2 is easily the stalest game in the mainline Mario franchise."

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kingofe32250d ago

F everybody who thinks this is a cash-in.

This game was made by a new Mario team and I respect the work they have done. One game in a franchise is not going to kill the entire franchise either.

Sorry, people just piss me off whenever they do something like this. They just hate to hate.


dedicatedtogamers2250d ago

I have to agree with the review, and it breaks my heart. I love 2d Mario. I loved NSMB DS and NSMB Wii, but this is a cash-in. Why? Not because it "fails to do anything new" like a lot of people say about every latest Mario game. No. It's because it's the same ol' game. There are no new levels, no new ideas. It's the same generic lava, clouds, mountain, jungle, etc. Why are all the coolest ideas reserved for the 3D Marios (Galaxy, anyone?). I wish Nintendo gave 2d Mario the same sort of presentation and creativity that they give to 3D Mario.

kingofe32250d ago

Bullcrap, how you seen what this game offers.

There are new ideas and levels in this game, just not enough as others. If you haven't them yet, it is only your fault for assuming it's a cash-in. If you look it up, you'll find plenty of new ideas, not groundbreaking, by these new younger devs.