Interview With Halo Waypoint And Certain Affinity: Halo 4 Forge

GrifballHub writes: We asked and they answered. With Grifball “more or less possible” in Halo 4, GrifballHub had some questions for 343 Industries and Certain Affinity regarding the basic building block of Grifball – Forge. 343 Industries and Certain Affinity were kind enough to answer some of our questions.

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GearSkiN2283d ago

3 forge environment!? hell yea!

ColdHalo2282d ago

I hope one of the environments will have snow falling or at least on the ground, or maybe that's to much to hope for. I think that would be cool to make levels on.

aviator1892281d ago

I agree, a snow forge map is needed. Or even a desert map with a small lush tropical area somewhere on the map would be cool.