PS3 Gets $20 Price Cut at Amazon and Best Buy, or Get it Free With Select HDTVs

Haven’t got a PS3? Or just want another one? Well the black beauty has just come ever more tantalizingly close to the magic $199 price point.

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Sev1354d ago

They must be trying to move stock so they can hurry up and announce that super cheap, super slim PS3 by Black Friday.

Foolsjoker1354d ago

I would totally pick up another PS3 if they made sexier slim model...mmmm

guitarded771354d ago

From what we've seen of the new SKU, I don't think it will be sexier. Looks cheap.

Foolsjoker1354d ago

With all the news coming out from GDC, this is the perfect time to pick up a PS3!

jjdoyle1354d ago

awesomes! worrieds bout my ps3 possibly braking

T3mpr1x1354d ago

Given that my phatty 750 GB just bit the dust, I am tempted by this...But something tells me I should hold off to see if an ultra-slim model is announced!

Sev1354d ago

Well, an ultra slim model would likely be gimped in some way. Plus it looked like a ruffles potato chip.

chrisarsenalsavart1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

$199.00 for a slim is a bargain.
To all xbox360 players who never experienced uncharted, gran turismo, God of war, heavy rain... Now is your chance. I am not saying to give up the 360.
I am just saying, drop the flag for a minute and you,ll see that gaming is sweet on both sides of the batterfield.
I am a playstation fan, but i have always owned a nintendo and xbox.
Don,t tell me that if you could afford, you wouldn get all of them?
A true gamer would.

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