Black Ops 2: 5 Reasons Multiplayer Will Be Game-Changing

WC - Will Black Ops 2 be the best multiplayer COD game yet? All signs are good.

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HaMM4R2249d ago

I have seen gameplay and i can tell you without reading the article, it is not.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Says the guy with the BF logo. Can't wait till BF 4, 5 and more come out, and you realize it's the same playing game since it's been out.

You have "seen" gameplay, yet not played it... and you know everything.

I sense much fear from the BF fanboys over this COD. Anytime a COD article comes out.. here come the flaming BF fanboys out of the woodworks. Just because BF failed to out do COD on consoles... let's not keep the hate. There's easily room for both games.

HaMM4R2249d ago

Not quite true, the only reason that i have the bf3 logo, was to win a giveaway for beta keys last year, and haven't changed it since. Bf3 is a pile of shit, just like CoD. Cod has churned out the exact same game for the last couple of years. I should know, as i have owned every one (Which i regret). I fell into the trap of thinking that it would be a brand new game, and it wasn't. They have slowly been declining in quality ever since CoD5, and from what i have seen, I have no reason to say that this is going to be any different.

papashango2249d ago

Hamm4r gets it.

Btw activision is really out of touch with the industry if they think shoutcasting is all it takes to make a game esport worthy. Starcraft, league of legends, cs, the main reason these games thrive comptetitively is due to balance, and the fact that if I decide to master one of these there won't be a sequel splitting the community next year.

Cod4 had an insanely popular competitive following and was set to be one of the fps esport bigs with promod. I can remember distinctly how it all fell apart when world at war launched. CAL no longer supported 4 and WAW was junk nobody wanted to play it. The competitive scene died off when mw2 turned off dedicated servers and forced iwnet.

Cool story bro amirite

seanpitt232249d ago

You must of seen a different game because the game i saw is the exactly the same as all cod = crap the same old every year.

kingduqc2249d ago

Multi-team isn't game changing at all. New Score Streak System looks exactly like the one in mw3 with a bit of fine tuning, Eport factor is a joke, this game is mainly a fps game for console so tons and tons of aim assist = no good for competition. Also, cod was never really balanced good at all. Create a class is okay but not game changing. 5. just look at it? It looks like a 2005 game made with a 13 year old quake 3 engine and that's about it.

Same game as the last 3, stop hyping that crap.

CerebralAssassin2249d ago

Not good for competition? How do you figure that? Everyone has an equal opportunity to kill the other player and work as a team. I'm not saying this CoD will be super different from the others because it won't be. But that's not a bad thing. I like CoD because of the way the game plays. I'm sick of hearing everyone bitch about a game that makes sequels. What the hell do you really expect from a SERIES? There ARE new features. Different weapons. New environments. Scorestreaks. The engine used to make the game IS dated there is no doubt about that. Doesn't mean it feels dated. You can go play counter strike and the same thing is present there. Hold ass game but still really good. Battlefield changed their engine but did it really change the way the game is played? No it didn't. So basically what I'm saying is don't go hating on a game for making what they already do well, better. But hey haters gonna hate. It's what you people do. If you don't want to play it .. Don't and stfu.

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yodawins2249d ago

its pathetic f2p are surpassing this. the only thing that sells this shit is youtube.