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Submitted by BIoodmask 2930d ago | review

PlayTM Reviews Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

PlayTM writes:

"Overall Intelligent Systems have produced an extremely enjoyable addition to the Advance Wars series. The only thing I can really find at fault is it seems to have lost some soul and character as a result of the new graphics, it's hard to put your finger on, but it doesn't quite manage the same finesse that Dual Strike had. It's just not quite as accessible to a new player as it was before. Also the control system still hasn't been hugely improved so I still find it much easier to use the D Pad than the stylus, which feels like a waste of an innovation. However despite these niggles, underneath the shell is still the same old Advance Wars so fans of the series will no doubt enjoy it greatly. Just be warned though, don't expect it to be an easy ride at all. War is hell, especially in Dark Conflict's case. If you're new to the series then maybe start with Dual Strike for a friendlier introduction." (advance wars: days of ruin, Nintendo DS) 8.7/10

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