Source: OnLive losing 'at least 50 percent of staff,' bought out by unknown third-party - OnLive let go "at least 50 percent" of its staff today, Engadget learned, and the company was purchased by an unknown third-party. A former employee confirmed layoff reports that popped up earlier this afternoon and recounted the events that led to today's firings.

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Dlacy13g2285d ago

The big question...who is the 3rd party? The significance of this could be huge.

a_bro2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

maybe microsoft, then again, they wouldnt need it anyway

MAJ0R2285d ago

Maybe Valve? That would be interesting...

guitarded772285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

It'd have to be someone with some clout because everyone knows Sony Gaiki. This could turn out to be very interesting.


I was thinking that's a possibility too.

Could also be a company who just wants the tech and could give two s___s about OnLive.

@ Brosy

Sure, but they can't use some technologies without patent issues, so they may buy OnLive to circumvent the whole thing. Long term it may be cheaper to buy the company as opposed to paying royalties.

Brosy2285d ago

It's hard to say. It would take a 3rd party with some jack. But couldnt MS just build their own cloud service anyway? Same could be said about Apple.

greenpowerz2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

A subscription based streamed gaming platform would be of interest of a number of companies including MSFT.

My guesses based on funds, know how and infrastructure(server farms etc)


If MSFT did buy it they would do it in the lines of owning patents and then keeping the necessary tech and employees combined with their own professionals and tech. Much like 3DV Systems(Project Natal) and many others.

Who ever it is they will have a price advantage for next gen in a number of ways(digital ownership)

Clearing out future competition when a company is going to be coping or simply late to the party, when it come to who has the tech out first is also motivation with rich powerful companies.

nukeitall2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

MS has enough cash to build it themselves. They already run massive cloud infrastructure with Azure. MS would have almost zero need for OnLive.

I doubt it is them. It's most likely some capital investment firm.

ALLWRONG2285d ago

MS could do it just to get them out of the way.

morganfell2285d ago

I doubt it would be Valve. Their relationship with Sony is growing closer by the minute. I just can't see it being them. If we knew a little more about the price we could hedge whom it might have been.

People should consider the fact it could have been Gamestop.

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metsgaming2285d ago

it seemed like the whole existence of onlive was to be eventually bought out by someone. They were just constantly trying to get the brand know and hype the cloud to no end. When sony bought out gaiki their reaction wasnt pleasant. Plus with the fact that the price gaiki was bought out seemed very low probably angered even more bc no one would spend a big sum on them if they got bought out.

R_aVe_N2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Would be interesting if Sony bought them out as well merging both Onlive and Gaiki tech. I could also see MS or AE buying them out as well even Valve would have a good use for the tech involved.

Hufandpuf2285d ago

how does that make sense?

ALLWRONG2285d ago

I think he wants Sony to buy everything even though they really can't afford to buy anything.

Dark_king2285d ago

it does make since actually they would be buying out there competition.Though I don't believe that is who it is we would of heard more about it if that were the case.

R_aVe_N2285d ago

How does that not makes sense? They have pat's on a lot of different tech that each company would want if they had any plans for this type of gaming experience. Just a small amount of brain cells would tell you that.

ChunkyLover532285d ago

Probably not Microsoft, they could easily build their own cloud service and probably have had plans for a while in the works.

Valve could be an option, maybe Apple? What about Nintendo? seems like nobody is thinking about Nintendo in the mix.

Very, very interesting indeed. I do feel bad for the people getting laid off, they worked hard to try and build up OnLive only to get fired.

greenpowerz2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

They would buy it to own what comes along with it, like certain patents and tech/staff If they did.

Netflix is more likely to buy them then MSFT in my opinion. They were suppose to have a gaming offering a year ago(discs in the mail)


I've been waiting from promised games offerings from Netflix for a year. It's smarter for them to remove the middle men(console makers)

Acquisitions purchases patents companies want to use and the best suited original employees to stay on the teams(creators and top engineers plus programmers)

ChunkyLover532285d ago

Good call, I didn't even think about Netflix. I forgot about all the patents that would come along with it. Either way, its very interesting to see what will happen.

Dark_king2285d ago

Gamefly might have.Since they actually sell games as well as rent.

Soldierone2285d ago

I think its one of their investors that purchased them, thus the reason why its a secret right now. Then the investors will take the company and try to sell it to someone else. They need employees to keep the company running for the time being, and as bargaining chips.

If its an actual company that purchased them, then I'd assume its MS or Sony and the rights are still being talked about. I say MS simply to compete with Gaikai on Ps3, and Sony because they could be interested in clearing the market forcing MS to build from scratch. If not then its a tech company like HP or Dell that will do absolutely nothing with it, and solely buy it for patent rights.

TheColbertinator2285d ago

I'm guessing Nintendo or Amazon.

yabhero2285d ago

Oh God please let it be Nintendo... They would only make WiiU better

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