Woman Hopes PlayStation Game About Her Abusive Dad Can Help Others

Kotaku - Magadly Caballero knew that her brother Vander was making a game about their alcoholic father. She'd lived through his scary rages alongside Vander. But she still wasn't ready for how Papo & Yo would make her feel.

Vander Caballero's sister hasn't been able to play Papo & Yo yet—Kotaku's review is here—but she's seen videos of the game in action. "It was hard," Magadly says in response to questions that I sent her over e-mail. "I felt deeply uncomfortable, even though I was happy that Vander did the game. It was really hard for me to remember those memories. When Monster eats the frog [which send him into violent rampages], I felt terror and anguish."

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fourthpersonview1944d ago

Do we get to beat a young kid in the game?

KidBroSweets21944d ago

It would be a wonderful thing if this does help kids or even anyone that is abused. But I just don't really see how it can help all that much. The game though does look fun.

ReadyBodyReggie1944d ago

Why does it need to say Woman? Why does she need this attention so bad.

matgrowcott1944d ago

I agree but for a different reason. The way the headline is written makes it seem like it's just some random person they've gotten off the street.

The whole headline sucks completely, actually.

rezzah1944d ago

You are a very funny person.

Morgue1943d ago

Ahhhh you're from Flori-DUH no wonder you made such an idiotic post.

Moby-Royale1943d ago

Somebody hates their life.... and it isn't this woman.

SilentNegotiator1944d ago

@4th and Reg
Obviously, you didn't even read the description.

Get over an entire childhood of abuse? Riiiiiight. Because it's easy getting over it with almost 2 decades of trauma, right?

Dms20121944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I went through it to, you either get over it or let it ruin your life.

SilentNegotiator1944d ago

But she didn't randomly start thinking about it and mulling it over. She was introduced to something that reminded her of it.

The subject coming up on occasion and being upset in that moment isn't "ruining" your life.