Darksiders II And Sleeping Dogs: A Tale Of Two Very Different PC Ports

Kotaku - I played two PC ports of two big, exciting new games this week. One of them worked. One of them didn't.

The two big games in question were Square Enix and United Front's Hong Kong crime game Sleeping Dogs and THQ and Vigil's comic-booky fantasy game Darksiders II. Both games came out on Tuesday, both were released on Xbox 360, PS3 and, in an increasingly uncommon but welcome move, simultaneously on PC (hooray!).

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rdgneoz32283d ago

TotalBiscuit had an hour long video of Sleeping Dogs on the PC (which included a nice c**k fight), and the detail looked beautiful. Damn, the city and draw distance was very nice. Menu's were a bit eh with lack of mouse controls, but looked amazing overall. Too bad the Darksiders PC version is suffering. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

AO1JMM2283d ago

I had ZERO issues with Darksiders 2 PC version.

MattyG2283d ago

Should cock be censored in this instance, since (I assume) you're talking about the type of bird? OT I'm really disappointed that Darksiders 2 PC turned out meh. It seemed like they were hyping it to be the superior version too.

mynameisEvil2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Agreed, I saw both his Sleeping Dogs WTF Is... and his Darksiders II WTF Is... and he came to the same conclusion I did: Darksiders II's PC port was slapped together.

Unfortunate, I think, because the game is great.

"Let me show you my cock." -TotalBiscuit, WTF Is... Sleeping Dogs, 2012

No, it shouldn't be censored. That's why I didn't censor mine, since he was referencing bird.

rdgneoz32283d ago

I know. But it was funny as hell when he was trying to find his cock for about 5 minutes straight. The joy of him commandeering the tug boat like boat, and going "Ah Hah, I found my cock!" Reminded me of: Evqxes

kevnb2282d ago

Darksiders 2 PC is just fine, and is better than console on a gaming class PC... but sleeping dogs is way better on PC, not just frame rate and resolution boosts.