Far Cry 3: Unpredictable, Open World Insanity

IGN - At Gamescom this year, Ubisoft was setting people loose in Far Cry 3's open world for the first time, letting us just jump in and play around in the game's vast island without any crazy pirate kings tying rock to our feet, scripted tiger-stabbing or hallucinogenic cut-scenes. It's been very revealing, and an awful lot of fun. Keza MacDonald (UK Games Editor) and Mitch Dyer (Associate Editor) decided to pad-pass and see exactly how flexible Far Cry 3 actually is. This is what happened.

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ArchangelMike1859d ago

Got my Insanity Edition pre-ordered. Day 0 for me :))

josephps31859d ago

Day one purchase-Far Cry3

Other Day one purchases in my opinion:
1)Xcom: enemy unknown
2)Hitman Absolution
3)Borderlands 2
4)Assassin's Creed
5)Black Ops2-has training mode/offline bots. This generation has very few titles with bots.

Irishguy951859d ago

hmm? For some reason I thought this was Linear...from some of the E3 demos. Guess not/ Day 1 for me too though

Zha1tan1859d ago

Looks amazing, cant wait to max this on PC and see the B E A U tiful tropical jungle island :D

mep691859d ago

Meh, Ubisoft like to hyper their average games.