New Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force Gameplay Video

Gamescom 2012 has given us a more detailed look at the next full-fledged Ratchet and Clank installment.

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showtimefolks2285d ago

i am just glad insomniac got back to their sense and we are not getting another all 4 one type of game

this looks great maybe i will order this from europe since they are getting a retail disk. any good sites?

remanutd552285d ago

as soon as i knew that this game would support cross buy it became an instant buy for me.

MelonSaurus2285d ago

Yeah cross-buy is something special. It's going to put sony leagues ahead from Nintendo in the handheld department, if Sony does it right.

remanutd552285d ago

leagues ahead? optimistic much? Nintendo fanbase are mostly kids, their handheld is cheaper and their games are more appealing to kids and some teenagers, parents buy cheap stuff and appealing stuff, i dont think sony would ever dethrone Nintendo in the handheld department unless they make their systems with other fanbase in mind.

MelonSaurus2284d ago

Age has nothing to do with what I just said. And I'm not talking sales either, because Nintendo will always sit on that throne in the handheld department, due to accessibility and lower pricing. Cross-buy gives all owners of a PS3 and Vita, a free Vita game every time. Do you realize the incentive driven by that? If I didn't own a Vita, and Sony started doing this for a good percentage of its first party titles, you can bet my next paycheck that I'd buy a Vita in a heartbeat. We've got 3 titles doing this thus far, and even EA is starting to take an interest. We could see it for Most Wanted.

Sanquine902284d ago

Thank you for this reaction! I am already considering buying a second vita:D ( Girlfriend loves gaming so it will be a good spend of my money)

MidnytRain2284d ago

This looks MUCH better than A4O. I couldn't tell from the low resolution I was watching, but I want the same graphical prowess from ACiT. That game was stunning.

MelonSaurus2284d ago

I agree. That game was incredibly beautiful. I actually want a another free-roaming game like that one. Btw, Full Frontal Assault graphically looks very close to Crack in Time. It just uses the Ratchet model from All For One, which is kind of a setback, considering I hated that game.

MidnytRain2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Ratchet's model was sick in ACiT. The way his fur and ears would move during gameplay was fantastic.

nevin12284d ago

This is a PSN game so I don't expect ACIT graphics. Especially if its comming to Vita aswell.