Archaic Sealed Heat Import Hands-on

ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat was one of the earliest RPGs announced for the Nintendo DS. Early screenshots showcased the incredible graphics it would have and, to top it off, it was being made by Hironobu Sakaguchi's (the creator of Final Fantasy) new development house, Mistwalker. And then… nothing. It was over a year and half before new details and a Japanese release date surfaced. People were hyped - ASH was going to use the largest sized cart for any DS game before, and the idea of Sakaguchi leading the project was just too good to be true. Most readers have probably heard, however, that ASH flopped in Japan.

While it didn't get the 10/10 reviews many were anticipating, it also wasn't poorly received by critics by any means. It was met with brisk sales, to say the least. It will be hitting America and Europe later this year where, just maybe, it will get the sales it deserves. If you're looking for some gorgeous RPG action, then ASH might just be the answer. Alex from Nintendo Meadow has his hands on the Japanese version and, after several hours of fun, he's ready to give his impressions.

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