Incentive to Play and League of Legends

GameStatics - "From the days of coin-op arcade machines to modern consoles, androids, and Iphones, one of the most important things a game needed to be successful was incentive to keep playing. This is/was especially true with arcade games, where a game that failed to endear itself to a customer, or give them a reason to try again after their lives ran out, wouldn’t get any more coins from potential players. Usually this was accomplished with high-scores—the idea that you could ‘immortalize’ yourself in the game’s software by having the skills, tenacity, and money to go through all it had to offer and getting an arbitrary number of points in the process. Other games were a little more clever—Metal Slug, for example, would drop a machine gun on your corpse after you lost your last life, a bit of a bribe to get players to put just one more quarter into the system to pick it up and extract revenge on whatever did you in."

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CaptainCamper2282d ago

Not that you need much incentive to play LoL :D Although, SMITE may give it a run for its money