Japanese Games Get A Free Pass According to AC3 Director. In What Universe Sir?

During an interview with CVG, Assassin’s creed 3 lead director Alex Hutchinson had some rather interesting things to say about Japanese games and how they are treated by gaming journalists. Hutchinson believes that games from the land of the rising sun get a free pass while western developed games are scrutinized harshly.

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jc485732228d ago

If they did get free pass, wouldn't we see high scores? To be honest, AC is pretty much falling under the same trap as Japanese games where their scores used to very high. I like AC, but I still disagree with Japanese games getting free pass. Rarely do I see 9s for Japanese games.

Nimblest-Assassin2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

He was blasting the stories in Japanese games.... which is not fair as some Japanese games (Zelda and MGS) have great stories... but there are games like Bayonetta (which was the one he was complaining about) and Resident evil that have some really crazy stories.

It is weird, because people just dismissed Bayonettas story completely when reviewing it, but Japanese games are reviewed fairly in story as well

Reviewers cracked down on other M (metroid) because the story was god awful. They cracked down on Kingdom Hearts 3d. They cracked down on NSMB 2, since the game is more of the same, except you need to collect coins...

Personally, I do not know why some games are reviewed in the way they are... I mean war for Cybertron and Gears of war have the same idea, but gears gets better reviews.... its peoples opinions in the end... some let it slide, some don't

Now games are percieved fairly, and frankly I think Hutchinson was acting immaturely there, thinking that reviewers have subtle racism. And lets face it... the future stuff in AC really requires you strech the imagination

Also AC1 was mixed, AC2 and ACB got critical acclaim, and ACR was mixed (since it felt like a feature gimped brotherhood, and imo should have never been made), but I think AC3 will be great

However I agree with the author of this article with this statement

"Both Fallout 3 and Skyrim are by Bethesda, a company whose collective cock must be red from all the sucking done by journalists. This company releases some of the most bug and glitch filled games ever seen yet they are constantly showered with love. The bugs are seen as endearing."

I was baffled that "journalists" were praising this game for simply being big. The combat was meh, the story was also meh, and the bugs were ridiculous... and it won the most GOTY's last year.... WTF?

srcBFMVBMTH2228d ago

"I was baffled that "journalists" were praising this game for simply being big. The combat was meh, the story was also meh, and the bugs were ridiculous... and it won the most GOTY's last year.... WTF?"

AGREED 100% when talking about Fallout 3 and Skyrim. I thought it was pretty ridiculous as well. LOL.

OOG2228d ago

Yeah I wont lie I'm one of those people that look at a game like Skyrim or Fallout and since the scale is so large give it a little bit a room for mistake due to the sheer size of the project.... the bigger the project the more issues I expect.... but I don't know

r2kcipher2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

skyrim hate is getting old guys. no one played it for the story. people that played it on pc or 360 had very little bugs. and the combat has improved since oblivion, especially the magic.

lets see if you can name some sandbox rpgs on the same level as fallout and elder scrolls. honestly ill love to play them. the closest ive gotten to is mount and blade and that game has its own problems.

Nimblest-Assassin2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )


I honestly felt all those things are lacking, and the game didn't do anything well, except for the scale... I don't hate the game, I just think its overrated imo.

And honestly, I would prefer a polished linear game, over a large game filled with bugs... but thats just me

OOG2228d ago

if you prefer a more polished smaller game... then maybe a Bethesda game isn't for you.. its not like people don't know what they are getting into... the games are huge and in a league of their own ... not all games can be judge through the same point of view... different styles of games need different formats of review....

stragomccloud2228d ago

It's kind of funny, especially considering that the game is super small compared to Xenoblade which is about the size of California.

ALLWRONG2228d ago

I disagree. Japanese games do not have great stories, at least for most western gamers. Western games are on a rise because they have stories western gamers can relate to.

This guy says "western developed games are scrutinized" that's because western reviewers and media are picky and don't have a problem kicking you when you're down.

Jazz41082227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

It seems like most people on n4g think the world is against anything japanese and sony when this is not true. There was a time when sony and japanese companys ruled all things electronics and they were regularly praised. Times have changes as the what have you done for me latley philosophy rings true when companys like samsung,lg, apple and microsoft have passed them up in quality and price. Even the japanese eat there apples regularly which says alot as japan is very much a loyal bunch to their own companys while the rest of the world buys whatever makes sense and is in there budget. Sony to be specific is no where near the company they were five years ago and microsoft is no where near the profit house they were in the middle of the .com phase where they were the richest company in the world. Times change and in ten years new powerhouses will emerge but japan and Sony have to start changing with the times because that is what is hurting them as the world is not loyal to them like the japanese market. When a Japanese person says the word Sony its so funny as there eyes light up and the excitement shows. This type of feeling needs to be put in there products and there advertisements or Sony will be nothing more then a memory soon.

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Kin23g2228d ago

I completely agree with the article!
Japanese games -if anything- are being overshadowed by western ones.

deathman60012228d ago

This guy is out of his mind if he really thinks this.

Xof2228d ago

Maybe he's suffering from a some mental condition? If he'd said it the other way around, he'd have been right on the money (and probably generated twice as much controversy due to that particular brand of bigotry being so prevalent these days).

ThanatosDMC2228d ago

I thought it was the other way around as long as reviewers get something nice.

OOG2228d ago

yeah...... reviewing is a interesting thing since people can swayed on little things.... perks etc

sashimi2228d ago

whatever he's smoking, i'd like some.

PoSTedUP2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

ok he gave me his number: 1-631-256-crystal meth, only call during whenever you want tho, he doesn't really even sleep.

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