New Little King's story belongs on Wii U

My opinion on why New Little King's Quest should go to the Wii U instead of the PS Vita.

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-Alpha2281d ago

I'm sure we could see another Little King's Story on the WiiU, no reason why it can't come on the VITA. Clearly the devs wanted it on handhelds and the VITA was more suited for it.

Sanquine902281d ago

Someone with a brain! Thank you! The Journalist is a reall fanboy..

Mounce2280d ago

Yea, I love these articles that get strung together and are implied to be 'Opinion' as if it deserves to be looked at equally/neutrally and respectfully, when most things have revolve anothers opinion is full of horse shit, or just simply fanboyism, as most cases it makes the person irrational, illogical, biased or into favoritism that clouds their judgment.

This isn't Opinion, it's a Whining Blog that had the power to be posted as actual News when it's not News of any kind.

--Onilink--2281d ago

Well its not that they wanted the game in a handhled, they wanted touch controls and more processing power to have more characters on screem. The vita was the obvious choice at the time, now the wii u makes just as much (probably more) sense because you have an even bigger screen, more power and you can have extra management with 2 screens.

But i dont see why it cant come out on both consoles

Sanquine902281d ago

Jeez , someone has a butthurt. If you are a Nintendo fanboy just say it. I hate fanboys. If this title also comes to Wii U im fine. I only want it on vita ( also on wii U). But now you are wanting to be it an exclusive for the wii U. I want to play that GEM what you are talking about.

linkratos2280d ago

As long as the Wii U version isn't dumbed down. That shouldn't be a problem right? They can make the games different enough?

Qrphe2281d ago

Like the author, I also think Little King's Story belongs on handhelds, but absolutely see no problem with it being on the Vita (on the contrary).

mulder16172281d ago

Sanguine90, thanks for your comment. I guess sometimes a "sleeper hit" doesn't always appeal to everyone. I do, however, thank you for your comment. And, yes, I"m a Big N "fan boy" or whatever. I really don't have a "problem" with it being on the would just be nice for Nintendo to get a little "love" again from the dev's. And, I am really not ready to buy a Vita and waste money just to play one game. It's rather sad when people say, "Well, I only really got it for this one game".

r212280d ago

And you're ready to 'waste your money' on the wii u? :L
Who knows, the devs may have a wii u version planned right after the vita version is released.

mulder16172280d ago

Well, but I won't be "wasting" my money on it for ONE game though. Big difference.

Xperia_ion2280d ago

If the one game is worth it why not ? Do you honestly think you will want only one game on any platform ?

Sanquine902280d ago

Sorry for the direct reaction i gave on the article. But i believe there can be another version on the wii U . I also believe the vita version is fine! I recommend all to give this Gem as you called it a go:)

TBH : I find you answer polite and therefore i thank you. Sometimes writers of articles are big a**es. Furthermore, I you buy a device that is a waste of your money ( the vita as we call it) you buy it for : Escape plan , Tear away ( which is announced) , Gravity rush . I think the vita need this titles that are creative:D Gameplay above graphics:D And developers need to know we do not want shiny graphics but more games like tear away!

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