How Xbox Live is blatantly better than PSN

"Since medieval times, humanity has debated, argued, and sometimes even fought over the eternal question -- which company is better, Sony or Microsoft? Angry diatribes have been written and blood has been spilled, but neither man nor beast have found the answer.

However, each side can score points in less encompassing criteria, and it is on these smaller battlefields that the war is being waged in earnest. One of the greatest war zones, the realm of online services, is the most hard-fought, but it's clear who is winning -- Microsoft. Yes, Xbox Live is blatantly better than PlayStation Network."

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Blacktric2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Great article. Although the headline and intro paragraphs look like they belong to a flamebait article, Jim Sterling actually explains how Xbox Live is not better than PSN, especially with Plus, despite some Xbox 360 user's claims (like how paying for it makes it better and how you get what you are paying for). Hope he continues to write stuff like this instead of some of his more "questionable" previous work.

"Before we had Xbox Live, we could only access these features by using our unreliable cellphones or by purchasing and installing expensive, complicated personal computers. Who in the name of Billy St. F**k wants to go through all the effort of spending $5,000 on a computer and hooking it up to a dangerous Internet full of Trojan Worms and Spyruses?"


iamnsuperman2310d ago

It took me a minute to realise what was going on. The free game and this "Paying for Xbox Live just proves it's better than the oafish PSN, which clearly has no respect for itself if it'll give us stuff without a charge" just made me laugh. Also the american part. Very clever article

firefoxprime2310d ago

Aye. If you're shellin out cash on the monthly? You SHOULD be receiving a better service...

I simply use PSN (no +). To those dudes with Live, if you like what you're usin, kudos to you. I personally prefer my online free. And no, that's not a poke a X-users.

Anon19742310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

I really find Jim Sterling rather hit or miss, but this article made me laugh.

"Microsoft stimulates the economy by putting ad banners all over the service we've paid good money for, which is great because of businesses. What's more, it's essential for Microsoft -- how else will it be able to provide Twitter and Facebook without revenue generated by advertising?"

Exactly. Twitter and Facebook access doesn't come free!

nukeitall2310d ago


A lot of the ads are also discoverable for me, as most of the ads are relevant. There is nothing wrong with curated ad. That is how I find stuff.

In contrast, you pay for cable TV, and get ads and they are rarely relevant.

Pushagree2309d ago

Articles like this are the only thing that allow n4g to stay up these days since real gaming news is so scarce.

EVILDEAD3602309d ago

LOL...the funniest part is even in trying to be satirical he didnt use ONE major reason why people actually love Live.

Live isn't as huge as it is because people care about Facebook and Twitter. Just like only a certain crowd actually cares about optional ads. '

Live is the one of the biggest reasons the 360 has had such a great gen and its also one of the main reasons the 720 will have a great start.

At the end of the day, when I'm on my 360 I'll be on Live and when on the PS3 it's's simple as that..nothing more nothing less


pixelsword2309d ago

I don't like articles which use "bait and switch" tactics, like the article eurogamer used earlier, saying that a developer compared the Wii U to the PS3 when the article didn't support the claim made in the headline.

The article's point would have still been made if it had a appropriate title, I don't like articles that fish for hits which undermines the initial perceived point that the title states.

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ZombieKiller2310d ago

Honestly, I really like PSN nowadays. I thought XBL was better in the beginning, but now I have PS+ with the same network capabilities, without the advertising, I like the PSN better. Despite the crappy netcode from certain devs
remember Black Ops? :shudders:)
I don't get why M$ makes us pay $50 but then still advertises to us. I notice that a lot of people are less "trollish" and PSN is more private than XBL. Maybe it's just me thinking that....

KMCROC542310d ago

I have never been made to pay for anything i did not want, but then again it's about preference, affordability & what hardware you own.

DigitalRaptor2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

The day you start subscribing to Xbox Live so you can play your games online is the day you lose your choice I'm afraid since online is an integral part of the majority of packages nowadays.

Blackpool2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

at the end of the day they're both company's and they need money from us to profit. We should stop defending them....

hkgamer2309d ago

true. but video game companies need a fanbase to survive. if we didn't build this culture and community then we would all be left with iphone and social games.
industry not widespread enough to survive without us

Ult iMate2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

At the end of the day one company is giving you free online and free games every month for additional subscription. And the other company charges you to play online games you already paid for, don't give you free "big" games and you still have to watch ad.

I don't defend companies. I defend my interests, my wallet and a common sence.

Autodidactdystopia2309d ago

No industry is widespread enoughto survive without its supporters,thats an oxymoron.

showtimefolks2310d ago

it comes down to what you like more and if you have psn-plus than psn is just a much better service IMO. With online passes to get online than paying another 50-60 to play online its just getting out of control

if MS or sony wants us to pay than give us a reward system like sony has with plus. Playing online and downloading demos and trailers should be free when sony and Nintendo can do it why MS feel like they can charge plus sit through advertisement

but i guess to each his own.

One thing i will say though is when there are blind fanboy wars going on companies win. when people defend these companies like its a religious matter and they see to worship these companies that's when people take advantage of us gamers.

for once if we all stick together even f we game on different platforms we can actually force publishers to do what is right but that will never happen because someone will defend or love sony and bash MS and same the other way around. You know what's actually funny and sad instead of getting paif to represent someone we actually pay them and than represent them and spread news and other stuff for free so they get 100% loyalty

StreetsofRage2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

I'm sure I'm going to get attacked for this, but party chat is the main feature for me. How sick is it that I'm able to play Halo with 3 of my friends and have my cousin playing another game in the same party chat??? That's just lovely man. Plus you don't have to hear all that racist, sexual, childish chatter on PSN or Live.

True Story: I was playing COD with my buddy and his GF on our ps3's, well the verbal attacks on his gf was disgusting. I told them about party chat and they picked up a 360. It really does make online gaming more enjoyable.

All the other bells and whistles doesn't really concern me. Although, I do like the ESPN app so I can finally see some Euro Soccer here in the USA.

auen12310d ago

i guess you never heard of the mute option?

StreetsofRage2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Yeah mute is a great idea if you want to waste some time finding all the idiots on your menu and muting them while your getting shot. Doing this every single game does sound like fun :/

Another way is to put the mic volume to 0 and everybody is muted, but than you can forget teamplay and tactics.

Anyways, Party Chat alone is worth the price of admission. An enjoyable online team play experience and the ability to chat with other friends who are playing other games. That's pure brilliance.

Dude, nobody cares about the Vita...and I'm sure the ps4 will have it but by than their will be other features to argue about. And the free games on the psn+ is a cool feature, but the games that they're offering aren't even close to my top 20 games to play so I'm not missing much.

calis2310d ago

The whole 3 seconds it takes to mute someone. Such a time waste.

ABizzel12310d ago

Party chat is the only feature XBL really has that's worthwhile over PSN, and that can't really be used anymore, because the PS Vita has it (and so will the PS4).


MS has Dorito's Crash Course Challenge for free which is really run, but PS+ offers too much to justify XBL. People complain that PS+ is $50 to rent games, since you don't own them when your subscription expires, but XBL you're paying $60 a year to play the other half you already paid for.

Brosy2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Party chat is where its at. Cuts out all the negativity and just makes Live shine. I wouldnt be surprised if MS has a patent on it. I know they have a patent on how they do the custom soundtracks.

This was a pretty funny article.Some of it was a little offensive but still worth a couple yucks.

When you mute somebody on Live they are muted permanetely from every game.

Live has more than just party chat over PSN and the Vita. What about the feedback system, Beacons, custom soundtracks on every game, video chat through Kinect and Vision camera, has more apps than PSN, more content providers,yearly dashboard updates that streamline the content as well as adding more features etc, etc Live is just better than PsN, not trolling it just is.

-Alpha2310d ago


Oh please, you are making this into a much bigger thing than it is. First, it's not "every game" that you hear people being douches, and it really isn't a hassle to mute everybody if that problem happens. Cross chat is great, but the issue really is that you need to pay to simply access online content. That will always be the problem with XBL.

morganfell2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

So it's party chat vs free online with tons of games, add-ons, and discounts from PS+.

Paying to access half the game for which you have already paid for along with your internet vs. the benefits of PS+. Got it.

I am not trying to start anything I am just breaking down to the simplest terms the defense that is being used to justify paying for party chat.

I didn't call it a defense, I merely accurately named the way comments are being employed, as a defense. Those days of beating PS3 owners over the head with party chat are long, long gone.

News4Noobs-2310d ago

But the point is that it you just don't have to blindly pay a monthly fee to use features/apps that are free for other devices or things that you're already paying for....

Sure party chat is great i won't lie, but no I won't be paying just to use features that should be there for free or that are. If xbox live was free with the current features maybe I would say yes it is better than psn because it has more features, but you're not really getting what you're paying for, because
- It has advertisements
- Have to have gold for services that you're already paying for (ex. Nettlix)
- To go online you need to pay (gold). You already pay for your internet don't you?
- and more...

Don't be surprised if you will have to pay to play offline games for next gen-xbox

VverdugovV2310d ago

Party chat is good and all but it still not worth paying for Live imo. The PS Vita has party chat and it is still free and when the PS4 comes out it will probably have it also. What's gonna be the excuse when every system has it and you're still paying for Live?

nukeitall2310d ago


"So it's party chat vs free online with tons of games, add-ons, and discounts from PS+."

Nice try there! The comparison isn't even valid.

If we want to talk about offerings, you should also talk about all the stuff Xbox Live offers includings all the apps that Sony does not, all the demos available for every single XBL arcade game, party chat, beacon features, more streamlined interface, an actual usable browser and so on.

"I am not trying to start anything I am just breaking down to the simplest terms the defense that is being used to justify paying for party chat."

No, you are being biased. When you pay for Xbox Live, it isn't just a single feature or even a few features. It is access to a community. It doesn't matter if something is better, if it lacks the proper community. Google+ is raved at all the time, yet nobody uses it. Everybody is facebook, because FB was careful to build a quality community.

It's not because you can post on walls or some other specific feature.

My answer is, vote with your wallet. Don't like it don't buy it, but don't ruin it for others!

slaton242309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

@streetsofrage so does a mute button on the cod in game lobby

2309d ago
DarkHeroZX2309d ago


The Vita has custom soundtracks. Its not the online service that makes cross game chat and custom music possible its the hardware. While the ps3 has a total ram of 512mb it only has 256mb system ram. The system ram allows for multitasking features. the vita has 512mb system ram and 128mb v ram. With the smaller OS then the ps3 and extra 256mb system ram all those features the 360 has run flawlessly on the vita. So no xbox live isnt better then PSN, it all has to do with hardware. If Sony had never split the ram in half cross game chat and custom soundtracks would have been possible. And if Sony can shrink the ps3 OS even further then those features would be possible but until then its only doable for the Vita.

VideoGameJimmy2309d ago

LOL because the mention of "party chat" is enough persuasion for someone to spend $200 on a 360.

Also, you must not have played CoD out of party chat on Xbox Live. XBL is way more abusive than PSN is. I know this because when I play CoD on XBL, I play out of party chat. Being black on XBL is super fun :) .

KeePeR_212309d ago

So you're claiming that only ppl on psn will call your buddies girlfriend a fat turd? And that you rather just talk to the ppl you came in game with and not your other team mates for teamwork because you might possibly run into a troll that might call his girlfriend a turd? So if a team member needs you to tell him that someone is about to stab him in the back of the neck or vice versa he can't speak/ hear you and you ruin the essence of teamwork because you are paraniod you might run into trolls? You know, the cpu doesnt talk to you at all and you and your friends can play against it all you want? I rather my $$$ goes to what consoles are meant for, games, than a feature i will probably hardly ever use because i'm too busy concentrating on my awesome free games that psn plus is giving me.

pixelsword2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

"Another way is to put the mic volume to 0 and everybody is muted, but than you can forget teamplay and tactics. "

How does team play come into the picture when you're talking to people who aren't playing the game, plus the people in your party chat are guaranteed to be the person who is at a critical spot at the critical time?

And no, I'm not defending bad speech on either console: if that is what Streets prefers and it keeps him from hearing people he doesn't want to hear then that's that's a good enough reason for him.

But anyone else see a pattern?

X-box fans love to complain that PS3 players "never use mics", but at the same time, I guess everyone who does are douches.

Well, I don't think so. People use mics on the PS3, but people can be douches on any console or the PC.

Actually, I get the least amount of douch-baggery on the PC, and the most out of Live. The PS3 has douches to be sure, most of which came after the price dropped from $600 to the $300 range.

It was so polite when the PS3 was expensive, hardly a jerk around. I guess the $600 was worth is for those three to four years of gaming bliss; which coincidentally evened-out the price of the PS3 to about the same as an Xbox with 4 years of live.

So basically, if someone wants to pay for their peace, then go for it, but at the same time, vote to kick is also free.

nukeitall2309d ago


"DUMBEST argument thus far. The "community" would also be accessed if they let you play multiplayer games for free. The community IS the multiplayers. DUH."

It is only dumb to people that don't understand and talk out of their behind.

The community is shaped by it's members, and as such two communities aren't necessary the same. It's like saying the hood has the same community as the upper class, just because they are both communities.

I will just chalk it up to you being ignorant.

So yeah, be real!

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egidem2310d ago

A flame war piece from destructoid? I'm shocked! /s

In my opinnion, there was a time that Xbox Live was absolutely so much better than PSN, and made it totally worth the price. That was THEN.

-You get what you pay for
True, but what happens when the competition starts to give you more for you money? If you pay for PS+, you ge more than what you pay for. I can't count the free games I've had the chance to play, all thanks to PS+

-Twitter AND Facebook
I use neither social networks. I bought my PS3/Xbox 360 for one sole purpose - playing games. If someone would love to have such features on consoles, fine with them. But there are far better places to do these things, like on computers or cellphones.

-PSN got hacked
This is a weak and pathetic excuse. Nothing is hack-proof on the basis that anything engineered can be reverse-engineered. Although I didn't like that Sony kept us out of the loop for a little while before informing us, but they eventually came clean and apologized. Had it been Microsoft they would've done anything to protect their image and reputation.

It's bad enough to have a dashboard littered with advertisements, but it's worse that I pay for Live and STILL get them.

"What's more, it's essential for Microsoft -- how else will it be able to provide great online gaming, as well as Twitter and Facebook, without revenue generated by advertising? There is no other way!"
==How about the usual way?? Charge everyone for playing online??

-It's more organized
Some would beg to differ. The dashboard gets an major update every year that usually changes the UI design. Change is not necessarily a bad thing, but I don't like the new dashboard. If anything, it's like now a mess of tiles that take time to get used to.

-Get Call of Duty maps first
-What got that shitty underwater game once
-It's American

iamnsuperman2310d ago

like fat old man said woosh. It is a joke article. Come on

greenpowerz2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

That may be so but he left out key features gamers care about the most out of the joke. They could have downplayed them in the article. Gamers care about the unified features and that could have been downplayed in the joke to make people's opnions seem like nonsense, like what they're trying to do with opinions or consensus of the two services over all.

The joke was generic and more about hits than comedy

Examples of what should have been in there...

-Use party line with your cellphone, you don't need clan support

-Buying fake cloths with monopoly money, why not play SIMS/ City instead, it's cheaper.

kikizoo2310d ago ShowReplies(2)
zeddy2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

xbl is better and so is all round multiplayer, still prefer ps3 though, better games and graphics.

2309d ago
2309d ago
gamer78042309d ago

It IS a flamebait article, just because Sterling is using sarcasm to NOT prove his point of his headline makes no difference.

Oh_Yeah2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )


solar2309d ago

You Mr. Black deserve all the disagrees you get. How dare you think MS has a better propieatery online then Sony. Sony does no wrong in these parts.

Jazz41082309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

There is No comparison. Psn may have features but they are tacked on and you can tell the system was not made to handle all they have tacked on from the constant updates to the buried features in the menus and the overall mess of psn is a afterthought obviously. People pay for live because they want to and its a great designed service on a very easy to use and developer friendly console that designed its features from day one to work when sony has tacked them on. It also keeps a healthy amount of income for ms and people will pay as the service is worth if. People would not pay money for basic psn and that is why sony has to give stuff away to get people to pay them. The ps3 imo is a mess and its sad to see as sony is good with hardwars but this is so poorly designed from a developers viewpoint that shouldnt have to take twice as long to code a inferior game to xbox and then have to put mandatory installs in place just so the games can play close to the 360. This and psn are the reasons more gamers have left sony or at least purchassd a 360as its no secret compared to last gen that sony cant control ms like they did last gen and its now ms controlling them and sony as a company is struggling to survive from being ridiculed by gamers the media and many developers and the lost market share show a heavy win for ms this gen and a huge loss that could sink sony into bankruptcy.

FamilyGuy2309d ago

This was awesome and hilarious, I'm glad I read it. I really need to get PS+, I'm tired of buying games, I can just get free ones with this service along with tons of other goodies.

Gamerpeanuts2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Really Microsoft is a genius, obviosly no matter how you look at it the only reason people get Xbox is because of the exclusives like Gears of War and Halo. I hav a PS3 and a Vita, really i rarley use my PS3 cuz the games other than Killzone and GoW sux. i mean i either play Games like Halo (which is way better than Killzone by a longshot) or GearsOW with my friends or PSN which other than some decent games has none. Now im not bashing PS3 its A quality system, but if I wanna play the games I want to play... idc if i have to dish out $60 everyear, so here comes the solution. PSN vs XBL...PSN wins hands down...PS3 games vs XB360 games...Xbox wins hands down.

yesmynameissumo2309d ago

Which is why MS was at Gamescom showing off all their great new games and new IP. Right?

DigitalRaptor2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Yeah, those famous four games on rinse-repeat and Kinect really show Microsoft's dedication.... dedication to the bottom line.

Were they at Gamescom, the story would be different. They care for not much other than the Great American Show, it seems.

Nintendo's absence was surprising, but my best guess is that they're saving the best for their homeland show next month, where Sony will also be bringing games. The answer to the question that needs not to be asked is that Microsoft won't be there, at least not in any capacity relevant to gamers.

Gamerpeanuts2309d ago

they dont need to,if people buy xbox and xbox games.right now they are ridding on Halo 4,and its working. Im not saying Sony is bad im writting this on my Vita. Sony riddes on their IP and they need new IP's because they arent doing very well with there exclusives. I think their IP's are okay, LBP the best.

Persistantthug2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

You sound like a pretty horrible gamer....

The only games you like are Shooters and hack & slash....and that's pretty much it?

It's you're right to be a horrible gamer, no doubt....

But you sound like a dude bro.

Good luck with that, I guess.

Gamerpeanuts2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Lulz, well obviosly you can tell im a horrible games cuz i said GOW and Gears, and Halo. You accuse me of only liking hack and slash and shooters. Wrong. Errrrr! I try to stay away from them. I do have the complete Halo serise but i only have Gears of war 2. i dont own any God of War games i play em at my cousins. I do like hack and slash though, but not to many i play cuz alot suck. I have all the final fantasys (except 2,3) and all the MH i can get. And my favorite game is Burnout 3. You cant tell a persons opinions from a blog post smart one. And thanks for letting everyone know im a guy. For those who didnt know thx Persisitantthug for letting evertone know. for more smack talk and opinions

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ElitaStorm2309d ago

that is why i dont read articles.
right now iam telling myself why did i waste my time reading this shit

...................and now iam telling myself why am i commenting this crap

BkaY2309d ago

nope.... plain and simple.... even ps+ is way better than Live... i havent bought a full retail game in ages coz i am getting free games every month.. i havent finished all of em.. free infamous 2, dues x, littlebigplanet1 & 2 , Motostorm just to name few..

dont jump one me by calling me a fanboi..


jjb19812307d ago

"How my poo is better than this article"

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AngelicIceDiamond2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

AAAAAAND it starts again SMH.......

We only have a month until BorderLands everyone hang in there.

bodybombs2310d ago

not sure if you read the article, it was obviously not a spoof or anything

egidem2310d ago

The title alone screams for hits like a whore with herpes.

doctorstrange2310d ago

How The Title Was Blatantly Not Chosen To Get Hits

Brawler2310d ago

True but the article was a great read. Satire is where its at lol.

iamnsuperman2310d ago

I am not sure many here understood it was satire

Brawler2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

A lot of people just read the title and comment. I love the advertising section. How will I know what to buy, without advertisements thank god for Xbox live for telling me.

Its like a lot of people don't know that Colbert Report is satire and they believe he is a true Republican. So dumb.

TedCruzsTaint2310d ago

The idiots are near. Get the children inside and lock the doors. Another war is brewing.

ThanatosDMC2310d ago

Pfft... the Wii's online service is better.

My account: gat22uy1g9gr01 8h98rh8h1f 0

HammadTheBeast2310d ago

Hey bro send me your friend codez

memots2309d ago

Hide your kids, hide your wive there's idiots in the neighborhood.

unchartedxplorer2310d ago

For anybody who doesn't notice, that article was a joke.
And a funny one at that.

HammadTheBeast2310d ago

You'd be surprised at how many people blindly comment on N4G. Just scroll up and down, and his post will be justified.