Sometimes A Redesign Isn't A Bad Idea |Cassidee: "I’d like to contest something here and say that sometimes re-designing a character or world isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, sometimes it’s exactly what the series needs to give it a much-needed boost."

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AztecFalcon2309d ago

I hate his look but I like his attitude. The new trailers from Gamescom actually made me want DMC after months and months of just ignoring it.

Sevir2309d ago

is rebooting Lara Croft! and they changed everything about her and That company nor the game is being bashed by the bitchy vocal minority whats more Lara's games were trash once they entered this generation much like how Dante's transition to this generation hasn't been the smoothest

LMAOOO I am so passed and over the whining at this late stage in the game the developers have stuck to their vision and its due to launch in just 5 months and a few days. it wont change and I'm now more than ever ready for this game! :-)

Hicken2309d ago

The difference is in your very own comment: people aren't complaining about Lara's reboot because they don't dislike it. And that's not entirely true, as some people have at least expressed displeasure at her seeming so weak in contrast to her former self.

Another difference is that the new Tomb Raider could conceivably be a prequel without messing with the established character at all. That's not something DmC can claim in the slightest. But that's what they tried, originally.

In fact, that's yet another huge issue: Capcom and Ninja Theory frequently contradicted themselves or otherwise made themselves look bad. First it was a prequel. Then it was an alternate telling. Then a reboot. Capcom said people were tired of old Dante, yet they put him in UMvC3. Ninja Theory flat-out told fans it didn't matter what they thought. Both groups spat in the faces of the franchise's fans, the ones you call the "vocal minority."

Let's face it: the people that like a game enough to write the developer are ALWAYS gonna be the minority of the people buying. But how can you dismiss them simply because they're small in number? Why does their opinion count LESS than that of the people who don't even bother to VOICE theirs? Is this an example of "Silence is consent," where if you don't complain, you're saying you don't have a problem with it?

I'm not hating on this game. The more I see of it, the better it looks; it still doesn't put me in the mind of the Devil May Cry that I've played in the past, but it looks like a solid game, regardless. But it's ridiculous to think that people don't have legitimate reasons to not like the direction this entry took.

2308d ago