Mighty Mech - Hawken Off-Screen Gameplay Demo Gamescom 2012

GameSpot: "Jump on board this Hawken mech with Peter Brown and Meteor Entertainment's Kurtis Buckmaster for this off-screen gameplay demo straight out of Gamescom 2012."

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2283d ago

Lol I love how pc gets anything but cod clone games in todays world. That is amazing actually since skyrim outsold mw3.

Qrphe2283d ago

We do get shoddy ports.

December 12, better be ready man!!!

StayStatic2283d ago

True but said ports are usually cheaper , ill take a crappy port just to tell publishers I ain't playing consoles just because they said , arrogant jerks lol

Qrphe2283d ago


Yeah, they're usually cheaper and have better graphics and resolution plus all the perks that come with having a powerful rig.

But they don't compare to games developed on PC and for the PC.

SKUD2283d ago

Visuals are really nice. Speed and pace fluctuate at odd times it seems. Then again could be due to lack of other players. Do want.

Flavor2283d ago

Nice visuals but it seems like just another FPS with a mech gimmick

Zha1tan2283d ago

god its painful watching noobs play..