Nerf The Noob: Battlefield 3 Dislikes

Time for another great installment from Nerf The Noob. In their next video Eoin is taking up arms against the problems he is finding in Battlefield 3. Eoin will be talking about troublesome admins, knife problems and glitches that can sometimes hamper the enjoyment that can be gotten from the game.

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LackTrue4K2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

"you get kicked/ could be cuz your T-baging and others don't enjoy it?!
(video shows him doing it to other players)

NerfTheNoob2283d ago

Hey man I am the guy that made this video and to explain the T bagging the guy i was doing it to is one of my PSN friends and i was just messing with him. I dont approve of random T bagging =)

iamnsuperman2283d ago

Personally I agree about the player cap. I can't play the multiplayer because a large majority of the time I am wondering round just trying to find something. I think the maps in general should have been scaled down for consoles. BC had a similar problem but it wasn't as bad as it is in BF3

NeoTribe2283d ago

You just don't know wut ur doin. I have no issues.

finbars752283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I agree I never have those issues.If you know whats going on in your surroundings then your fine but if you have no clue of what the objective of is or how to play this game then you might want to play something thats more in your ballpark for FPs.

NerfTheNoob2283d ago

I understand that some matches on larger maps are ok but you have to admit when you get a lot of people sniping or using air vehicles the infantry game play can get boring no matter how much you ptfo.

DasTier2282d ago

exactly, Gulf of oman conquest is crap on consoles as 60% of players are in vehicles dong their own thing (nothing to do with the objective) while 19% are sniping from the construction tower, Another 19% on the hotel towers and the final 2% are the only ones capturing the objectives!

Also Jets are a complete waste of space on consoles all lessen the core gameplay.

DasTier2283d ago

BC had no issues with map scale it played perfectly with low player counts on consoles.

T3MPL3TON 2283d ago

I'm worried about the Armored kill dlc as well. Those maps are going to be gigantic.. so they'll either scale it back so far it's pointless to even talk about or they'll be so large you really will have to drive a good while before you even see one guy. They keep saying it;s not possible to have more players on consoles.. I dunno about the 360 but MAG had what was it? 126 players? There is no reason BF3 can't have the same. They really need to fix the knife thing.. so many times I get killed now because my guy just stands there staring at the guy instead of knifing him.. I've noticed this happens the most on the new maps.

Cosmit2283d ago

Yeah actually there is an excuse. Did you see the graphics that MAG had? Absolutely horrible. It was fun though. BF is about graphics. That's what they advertised along with the big scale warfare.

Cosmit2283d ago

So your complaining about the admin moving people around because your team stacking? You have like 6 guys from your clan and then another squad from a different clan and another from a different squad. That's TEAM Stacking. Even it out. Make it competitive. Unless your trying to pick up easy wins and absolutely hate competition.

On another note, I remember playing guys from your clan(Sqrl) and absolutely destroying you guys :) with 2 buddies from my clan.

NerfTheNoob2283d ago

You have a fair point i didnt realize that there was another squad in the match with the sqrl squad. But i still feel there are some admins that abuse their power that was all i was saying.

kassler2283d ago

I you having trouble with admins, find a good server and favourite it. You can favourite 22 servers. If you running around t-baging, then you've asked for it.