Active Respawn Review: Astro A40 Gaming Headset With MixAmp Pro (Wired)

Trying to choose what gaming headset is right for you? Squishy bought a pair of Astro A40s to give you some insight into what they can bring to a gaming experience. Take a look!

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NobleRed2281d ago

Astro are overpriced and overrated. Better buy yourself some real 5.1 headsets for a cheaper price.

Like the new Tritton Pro + or the Coolermaster Sirus.

NoobJobz2281d ago

Astros were the best I've ever had. Overpriced? Sure. Overrated? Nah.

Echo3072281d ago

Lol. Guy proceeds to diss Astro headsets but then suggests Tritton? Wow, open your ears dude.

angelsx2281d ago

Hi i got turtle beach px5 and i'm very hapy with them.Is it worth it to chang them with astro a40 coz lot of reviews are positive?

Echo3072281d ago

The core sound of the PX5 leaves a lot to be desired, but all the bells and whistles they come with (like Bluetooth and fully customizable EQ) almost make them worth the price by themselves.

ActiveRespawn2280d ago

the surround sound quality of the Astro A40 are pretty amazing, however the price is high for a wired headset. I love the A40s and recommend you get them if you can afford them and will use them. Especially if your Turtle Beaches make your ears ache if you wear them too long. The Astro A40s fit better and sound great. If you have a bit more to spend, the Astro A50s are brand new on the market: Completely wireless (Not even a chat cable), Surround sound, can record audio in games, updates software automatically.... Pretty amazing headset for $50 more then the A40s are.