Join Us on a Tour of DayZ's Elektro

The in-game world of DayZ is comprised of a vast array of cities, towns, encampments and outposts, but none with quite the reputation of Elektrozavodsk - or just Elektro, for short.

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mafiahajeri2193d ago

What is this game its very intriguing is it a mod?

PockyKing2193d ago

Where have you been? Under a rock? Lol. It's a zombie mod for Arma 2.

crazypenguin082193d ago

It's a ton of fun, if your looking for more information we have other video of DayZ on our channel.

Tr10wn2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Don't get into a firefight you'll shit your pants, beside that just kill on sight don't run on big cities and most importantly don't trust anyone, get ready for the most terrifying experience of your life, not thanks to the zombies.

Pro tips if you are willing to try this thing out be warned.

beerkeg2193d ago

This is what makes pc gaming so good.

Metal-X2193d ago

I can see them releasing this as a stand-alone game on the PC and next gen consoles.