Beyond: Two Souls behind closed doors GamesCom 2012 Session Leaked

Beyond: Two Souls behind closed doors GamesCom 2012 demo has been leaked on internet. This demo was shown to journalists at recently concluded and Gamescom 2012.

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SPARDA_4261941d ago

Wow... that was amazing. I cant wait for it to come out :D

NastyLeftHook01941d ago

yes its going to be amazing.

Raiz1941d ago

a day one buy for me......

Campy da Camper1940d ago

This is one of those rare games where I officially will not watch anymore gameplay vids as to not spoil the game.


Christopher1941d ago

Looks like an updated version of a point and click adventure game with a neat ghost concept. There needs to be more response and need for immediate action, though. As it is, people are just standing around waiting for you to kill them.

LOGICWINS1941d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Where's the challenge? It's essentially an interactive movie...not a bad thing if thats what your into.

CGI-Quality1941d ago

Every game isn't about a challenge. In fact, David Cage's games are always different, but they are rarely ever about a challenge. It's the story nd characters, and for people like me, that's all the game needs.

If I want a challenge, I won't look for it from a game that never promised it.

DigitalAnalog1941d ago

I believe David Cage intended this to not be classified as "game". He simply used this particular medium to convey something else entirely out of context based scenarios in order to directly control the majority aspect of the character.

1941d ago
gta28001940d ago

I can enjoy a challenge in video games but video games today are about entertainment. Just think about the best games this gen...they're not critically acclaimed because they were difficult to beat. They're praised for the for the awesome experience it takes you on. For me games like God of War 3 and the Uncharted series aren't difficult at all but they're all time favorites for me because they're not just a game to me...they're an experience and it seems like Sony's got another one for us here.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1941d ago

I think the enemies are static because he wants time to show you how to play. In the final version I'm sure the enemies will fully respond.

LOGICWINS1941d ago

Hope your right. I'd think in the beginning of the game, your enemies would be static because they don't know about your powers, but later on, when they DO know about your abilities, they would react accordingly.

Christopher1941d ago

Yeah, I hope that as well.

Irishguy951941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I hope this is true. The concept looks cool but really...they were just unrealistically standing around. Lets hope your right but...I dunno, I don't see how you can be looking at it. How are they gonna speed up the enemies Ai and reaction time when you can only do stuff to enemies one at a time?

Heavy rain was different because you were controlling your own characters reactions to every situation, but now the girl is just sitting there while the ghost goes around killing people slowly, while they just stand there waiting to die. ..Edit--would be better if you can more control over the Ghosts actions, and quicker response times to them. Such as throwing people around and taking control of them quicker

schlanz1941d ago

I'm sure there will be, but for the purposes of a demo like this they probably had to slow down the urgency to be able to go through the variety of things that you can do. Either that, or this is just a very early part of the game; later on it probably gets more difficult between how quickly you must act and the complexity of the situations.

seanpitt231941d ago

i think you need to actually aim and shoot yourself instead of pressing daft specific buttons thats what annoyed me in heavy rain.

GoldenGamer1941d ago

Now how out of place would that be if throughout the whole game you used 'daft specific buttons' and then in one section had to aim yourself?

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