VGUtopia's Sound Shapes Review

VGUtopia reviews Sound Shapes.

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topekomsi2283d ago

I just completed the main game, wow pretty intense in parts. I found myself humming along with some of the music. I am hoping for some kickass dlc.

Another great part of the game is user created community levels, everything from Mario to Pink Floyd to Star Wars themed levels, this is where many hours of replay becomes endless.

Now I'm going to jump in to the editor. It has just about anything you see in the game, which you unlock by completing levels.

Death mode is a real challenge. I am loving this game.

doogiebear2282d ago

Whats death mode (I only had the game a few days, got it because someone on n4g convinced me, and now I love it)

Xof2282d ago

I disagree. I found the game very lacking in every respect. There are only a handful of levels, and for most of 'em the music if pretty forgettable. Which is pretty damning for a game that's just a below-average platformer with a music gimmick.

I'd thought, as you're trying to indicate, that perhaps user-generated content might make up for that.

So far, it hasn't. I've tried dozens of user-created levels, and most of 'em are just awful. And I'm playing the 'top rated' stuff, too. Going further out to find those Mario, Zelda, Star Wars, etc.-themed levels doesn't improve on things much, either, as the actual mechanics of the game don't lend themselves well to actual music composition. In terms of a gimmicky platformer with lots of UGC to rely on, LBP is still really the -only- (console) game worth mentioning.

To me, the hype surrounding Sound Shapes is likely due to the fact that it's the Vita game, and the Vita has been going months (and will continue to go months) with very, very little support.

HarryMasonHerpderp2282d ago


I have to disagree with everything you said there, I'm finding this game to be very enjoyable and as for the "handful of levels" there are 20 levels in campaign mode so I wouldn't really call that only a handful, also you unlock Death mode and Beat mode which is when the game really starts to take it up a few notches.

Did you know it's a PS3 game as well as a Vita game? I bought the PS3 version and got a copy for my Vita absolutely free.I would also say the best version is the Vita version as the touch controls work brilliantly and the sound quality when using earphones is infinity better.

It's also at a great price I would recommend this game to anyone, It deserves the good reviews it's getting.

Xof2282d ago

Yes, I'm aware of all that. And I consider 20 levels a pittance considering they usually take only about 1-2 minutes to complete. That's less than an hour of content.

The biggest thing the game has going for it, as you pointed out, is the whole PS3/Vita copies-as-one. It's also worth noting that the game, in general, comes across much better on the PS3 with a better UI and crisper visuals.

The art style can be fantastic, but, as was the case with Limbo and so many other overhyped games of this sort, without actual content, it's not enough.

HarryMasonHerpderp2281d ago

Did you try the level editor? it's fun and easy to use and adds plenty of replayability to the game.

I disagree with the PS3 being the better version, it just to me feels better as a handheld game much like Rayman Origins and the touch screen controls just seem to make more sense.

Anyway I respect your opinion and I do agree Limbo was a little over hyped but Sound Shapes and Limbo are still great games and I've enjoyed playing them, I guess they're just not for you.

You should try Gravity Rush if you have a Vita as that game is underrated if anything.

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